Exercises to Work Triceps - Best Exercises to Increase Volume

Working the triceps is the best way to increase the volume of the arms. The triceps muscles represent approximately 70% of the total mass of the upper extremities. The biceps account for only the remaining 30%.

A characteristic burning sensation should be felt when working the triceps, a sure sign that the exercises are being carried out with the excellent technique.

This article describes the best exercises for triceps and tips to increase their volume.

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How to work the triceps?

When the goal is to have large and bulky triceps, emphasis should be placed on sarcoplasmic muscle hypertrophy.

The best strategy to increase the triceps volume is to include isolation exercises where the different areas of this muscle group are worked.

When working the triceps, one of the most common mistakes in beginners is to leave aside are those that allow performing the lateral part. Including them in the routine will allow you to achieve volume and proportional triceps.

In addition, triceps with volume is achieved with classic gym exercises, but strength exercises should also be included in the routines. Examples of activities to improve strength are pushups with a narrow opening and diamond pushups.

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How often should the triceps be exercised to increase volume?

The triceps should be exercised no more than once or twice a week. The total number of exercises should not exceed 4-6 per day to increase the volume.

The maximum number of repetitions of each series should be between 8 and 12. As in the case of other small muscle groups, it is possible to increase their volume with only two properly worked isolation exercises.

Weekly workouts in max rep mode. For example, doing 20-30 reps of dips will work to increase strength and endurance but are not effective for bulking.

The best triceps exercises for volume

The best exercises for big, strong triceps are the bench dips, parallel bar dips, and the French bench press.

The pulley and dumbbell extensions allow you to work the triceps in isolation. The best exercises to work the volume of the triceps are described below:

FUNDS IN BANKING is an essential exercise for the triceps that engages the long section and the shoulder girdle muscles.


The essence of this exercise for triceps is to keep your arms steady and bring the bar towards your forehead. Most of the time, it is done with a curved EZ bar.


This exercise allows you to work the middle triceps section. During the training, the arms should remain as close to the body as possible.


Doing dumbbell extensions works the long and lateral parts of the triceps. When bringing the arm back, check that there is no deviation in the spine


This exercise for the triceps works the long section of the muscle. The abdomen should be kept taut, looking straight ahead and avoiding body deviations to the sides.


Parallel bar dips are a complete triceps exercise. They can be run in both static and dynamic versions.


One of the few exercises that allow you to work the lateral part of the triceps. Ensure that the elbows do not change position and that the body does not rock forward or backward.

Triceps anatomy: What exercises are used to work the different zones?

The triceps is an extensor muscle that occupies the entire posterior surface of the arm. The prefix tri is anatomical; it consists of three independent parts: long, lateral, and medial. Opposed, on the front surface of the arm, are the biceps, a muscle antagonist and extensor.

The long section of the triceps is the largest and the one that is usually worked with most exercises. The lateral part of the triceps is one of the most difficult to work with. To perform this area correctly, it is necessary to carry out exercises at different angles.

An example of an isolation exercise to increase the volume of the lateral part of the triceps section is the pulley extensions. The best practice is the French barbell press to work the middle zone.

Technique to work the lateral part of the triceps

Grasp the handle (or rope) with a shoulder-width grip. Keeping your torso and back straight, lower the weight with your hands until your forearms parallel the floor.

Stretch your arms slowly, making sure the movement is done with the strength of your triceps only. At the end of the trajectory, stop for 1-2 seconds. Return to the starting position. Keep your arm muscles tight and firm by avoiding sideways drift.

When doing the exercise, you should look straight ahead. Do not follow the movement of your hands with your eyes or tilt your head. This can strain the spine and lead to neck and nape pain in the long run.

The elbows should be pressed against the body; otherwise, the load will shift to the shoulders. The wrists should remain in line with the forearms. Keep your feet firmly on the ground; you can put one foot forward for better balance.

How to work the triceps at home?

The best exercises to work your triceps at home are the classic narrow grip pushups (arms close to the body) or diamond pushups. These pushups allow the load to be diverted to the lateral part of the triceps muscles.

If you do not have the equipment, you can opt for functional exercises. If you have a pair of dumbbells, you can work your triceps with extensions or the classic French press. If you have support or a bank, you can do more complex exercises such as funds.

In addition, some exercises with kettlebells allow you to work the triceps secondarily.

Common mistakes when working the triceps

One of the most common mistakes when working the triceps is repeating the same section repeatedly. Including exercises that involve the different parts of this muscle group is essential to increase its shape and volume proportionally.

As when training biceps, a beginner often forgets the work and involvement of the abdomen. Tensioning the middle zone will divert the weight completely towards the triceps and not other body areas.

Another common mistake, in the beginning, is to divert the loads towards the shoulder joints. This error decreases the involvement of the triceps and can also be a cause of sports injuries.

Working the triceps is essential to increase the volume of the arms. 70% of the total muscle mass comes from this muscle group. The best exercises for triceps are bench dips, French press, extensions, and parallel bar dips.

The ideal way to develop voluminous triceps is to alternate between exercises to work the different parts and rotate the angles. Respecting rest times and including muscle recovery methods can improve results.

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