Burpee Exercise For Beginners at Home

The burpees are one of the best exercises to tone and mark the body. The main advantage of a burpee routine is that it can be done at any time without the need for special equipment.

Burpees are a functional impact exercise, so you should always dedicate at least 10 minutes of physical warm-up before starting the routine. This is essential to avoid lower back injuries and prepare the joints.

Along with abdominal planks, burpees are among the best exercises to mark your abs at home and lose weight.

Read on to learn how to do a beginner burpee routine at home. How to achieve 100 repetitions?

The best beginner burpee routine at home

From the variety of burpee routines for beginners, we have chosen the best. Exercises like the “100” burpees in 3 weeks have been published in some sports magazines.

These fixed number-based routines are intended to stimulate obsession in beginners. They are not recommended, especially if you are a teenager. They can lead to lower back injuries and overtraining in the long term.

Here we propose a beginner burpee routine based on personal progress. The idea is to achieve a maximum of repetitions in the second series. The maximum number should be put by each one; with perseverance and training, it is possible to reach 100 repetitions.

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Example of a burpee routine to do at home

Here’s a beginner burpee routine to do at home:

Day 1
60 sec rest between sets
Serie 110
Serie 213
Serie 311
Serie 4Maximum possible repetitions (minimum 13)
Minimum rest 2 days
Day 2
90 seconds between sets
Serie 111
Serie 214
Serie 312
Serie 4Maximum possible repetitions (minimum 14)
Minimum rest 2 days
Day 3
120 seconds between sets (or more)
Serie 112
Serie 215
Serie 313
Serie 4Maximum possible repetitions (minimum 15)
Minimum rest 3 days

Burpees Routine For Weight Loss: Are They Good For Weight Loss?

A study in the Journal Human of kinetics states that a burpee routine allows a significant improvement in body mass index and strength indicators. (2) For what? Yes, they serve to lose weight.

In addition, in this study, the VO2 max of some participants was increased by up to 10% when doing a routine of 3 minutes of burpees per day. A beginner burpee routine is ideal for building endurance and improving coordination and strength.

It is an ideal exercise for beginners in calisthenics and CrossFit routines. It can be combined with other training methods to eliminate body fat (HIIT and Tabata).

How many burpees do you do per day?

The amount of burpees to do depends on the objectives set. If the goal is to eliminate body fat, and it is not complemented by another workout, beginners are recommended to do at least 40 repetitions per day.

One of the essential tips for beginners is to combine burpees with breathing techniques to improve performance.

When bulking is the goal, you should complement your burpee workout with a home muscle hypertrophy routine.

If you also have a barbell or weights at home, the flat chest press and the military barbell press are the best exercises to combine in the routine.

If a beginner has already included some volume exercise in the week, the burpee routine can be included as an active recovery method. In this case, the intensity must be below.

Burpee routine – Amount per level

A burpee routine can be focused on both time and number of repetitions as follows:

  • Beginners: 4 sets of 10 reps – 2 minutes each. Breaks of at least 1 min. Total 40
  • Medium level: 5 sets of 12 repetitions, 2 minutes each. Rest: no more than 1 minute. Total 60
  • High rank: 5 sets of 15 repetitions 3 minutes each. Rest: no more than 1 minute. Total 75
  • Advanced level: 5 sets of 3 minutes each. Rest between sets of no more than 30 seconds. Total 100

Burpees – basic tips for beginners

In a burpee routine, the whole emphasis should be placed on technique. Conscious participation in the work of the muscles of the abdomen, legs, and pectorals should be included. The movements must be executed with the maximum possible amplitude; attempts to simplify the technique will not bring good results in the routine.

Controlling the breath and synchronizing it with the movement phases is the foundation for finishing the routine. The starting position is standing, in the same way, that when doing squats, you must lower perpendicular to the floor and place your palms on the ground. Trying not to raise the heels too much, the push-up technique should be performed.

Tightening your abdominal muscles and, with a half jump, turn your legs inward (almost touching your knees with your elbows) with the momentum of the legs of a leap upwards. This is the last step of the burpee; It can be done with the hands facing upwards, palms together, or backward.


In a beginner burpee routine, whole emphasis should be placed on technique. It is recommended to divide the way into at least four series.

The main advantage of burpee routines is improving breathing capacity and improving the condition of the muscles. They are a type of common ideal for beginners in losing weight.

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