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Although both men and women can lose weight with similar diets, the metabolism of the male and female gender have a fundamental difference: the influence of hormones.

For this reason, a diet for men with the aim of losing weight must ensure fat loss without lowering testosterone levels. For this, the menu plan must have a caloric deficit, a correct balance of macronutrients, and an adequate supply of essential minerals such as zinc and magnesium.

This is the best method for men to lose weight and avoid losing lean muscle mass. Read on for a sample diet menu plan for men to lose weight fast.

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Diet For Men – What Should You Eat To Lose Weight?

Strict calorie counting is not necessary on a men’s diet , as it often results in boredom and abandonment of the diet. However, to lose weight effectively, cutting calories is really important. So, what to do?

For men it is recommended to measure the portions of the dishes approximately and also make sure that they contain a lot of fiber. This is serving full plates, but not high calorie foods like hamburgers and junk food. But rather of nutritious foods: cereals, vegetables, meats, eggs and fatty fish.

Here are tips for men when dieting to lose weight:

1. Don’t skip breakfast

One of the main causes of overweight and obesity in men is not respecting the timing of meals, particularly breakfast. After starving all day, you are likely to gluttony at night. A good example of breakfast in a diet for men to lose weight is oatmeal porridge or scrambled eggs. Make sure to cut out the sugar and always include a protein serving.

2. Limit sugar and other simple carbohydrates

Sugar and other simple carbohydrates : honey, fructose, glucose, etc. not only provide calories, but also increase the desire to eat. The habit of including this type of food in the diet is associated with an imbalance of the hormones related to appetite: ghrelin and leptin . For this reason, to lose weight, a man should avoid sugary foods as much as possible.

3. Include healthy fats in the diet

In order to lose weight and reduce the abdomen, a direct relationship is usually made between the fats in the foods that are consumed with the fat of the body. This is one of the most common mistakes in nutrition to lose weight. In fact, a men’s diet should cover 30% of calories with healthy fats , this is, for example, eating nuts between meals and adding about 10-15 grams of olive oil to each meal.

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4. Learn to differentiate hunger from gluttony

One of the main difficulties in men is understanding what hunger is and what is overeating. The effect of testosterone makes it more difficult for a man to learn to see where the limit is.

To lose weight, try eating slower and waiting about 20 minutes after eating. This is the approximate time it takes for the body to signal to the body that energy is now available. When dieting it is essential to learn this skill.

5. Protein is important but it is not everything

While the importance of protein cannot be denied, it is common for men to exaggerate their quantity. The recommended amount in a diet for men to lose weight is about 1.5 g per kilo of body weight. (4) This is eating a serving of protein: meat, eggs, vegetable protein in 4 or 5 meals per day.

Proteins play a fundamental role in the body, but in a men’s diet to lose weight they should not be the main macronutrient. In fact, excess protein consumption can make you fat. (1)

Diet for Men – Sample Weight Loss Menu

The following diet table provides an example of a menu for men to lose weight with an approximate caloric intake of 2100 KCal per day:

Intake  Plato
eggs 2 eggs
Coconut oil 10 g
Fruit 1 unit
Black coffee 200 mL
LunchRed meat filet
200 g
Virgin olive oil 30 mL
Brown rice
100 g
Dark chocolate dessert
2 pieces
CollationFruit 1 unit
Afternoon snackWhole wheat toast
1 unit
Spread cheese 30 g
Almonds 20 g
CollationFruit with yogurt or skimmed milk 1 unit
priceChicken meat without skin
150 g Low- insulin
vegetables 150 g Lean cheese 30 g

What are the rules of a men’s menu?

In a diet menu for men to lose weight, foods high and protein, complex carbohydrates and medium-chain saturated fats such as coconut oil cannot be absent .

Increasing the consumption of foods with fiber will make a man feel less hungry. In addition, to maintain the balance in weight, vitamins and minerals must always be ensured. For this, include more green foods, berries, citrus, and other low-carb fruits .

In a diet for men to lose weight, lean meats and eggs cannot be absent. In addition, alternatives such as nuts and pseudo-cereals can effectively provide the amount of carbohydrates, fats and total proteins that are needed in the day.

Rules of a diet to lose weight for men:

  • Reduce your daily calorie intake by 10-15%. (Caloric deficit)
  • Increase the consumption of foods with fiber
  • Eliminate sugars and refined flours
  • Eat more whole grains
  • Limit saturated animal and trans fats in the diet
  • Eat more vegetable oils and fats

How to reduce abdominal fat?

To reduce abdominal fat and lose weight successfully, a man must gradually change his eating habits, and if possible supplement the diet with physical exercise.

Men tend to accumulate the visceral type of fat (accumulated on the surface of the stomach) while women tend to accumulate it in the lower abdomen, hips and waist.

This type of fat is more dangerous. So losing weight for a man is usually a health issue. (2). By following the meal plan below, you will be able to lose belly fat without losing lean muscle mass in a matter of a couple of months.

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Ketogenic diet for men

The ketogenic or keto diet is a type of diet where the consumption of carbohydrates is limited to the maximum. In the keto diet, fats and proteins are the predominant macronutrients.

Due to its effectiveness to lose weight fast, more and more men are trying it.

By doing the ketogenic diet the body can go into ketosis , that’s where the name comes from. In ketosis mode, blood glucose levels drop to a trough. When this happens, body fat can be used as an energy source.

Although it is considered one of the most effective diets for a man to lose weight fast; it is important to know that it is not the healthiest method.

In its beginnings, the keto diet was proposed to treat cases of epilepsy not as a diet to lose weight fast. If you still decide to carry out this method to lose weight, we recommend previously informed: ketogenic diet for beginners .

Supplements for men to lose weight

While on a diet for men to lose weight, the use of supplements is not necessary can help. In particular, if your training routine is intense.

The BCAA amino acids are among the best supplements when a man is in the process of weight loss. Consuming amino acids on a regular basis has been shown to reduce the potential loss of muscle mass during exercise. (4)

The creatine monohydrate is one of the best supplements for men. Especially for those men who have ventured into a vegetarian diet or who do not eat animal derived foods frequently. Creatine is capable of improving energy processes and enhancing sports performance.

Most thermogenics or fat burners are not recommended for weight loss as they can have side effects. If you want to opt for any of these options, we recommend natural ones that contain caffeine, such as guarana or yerba mate.


A diet for men to lose weight must have a caloric deficit and a correct balance of macronutrients.

Completely eliminating fat from the diet is one of the main mistakes that a man usually makes when dieting to lose weight.

An example of a men’s diet menu should include healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, and avoid excess protein. This is the key to losing weight in a healthy way.

To lose weight fast, sweet and bakery products are the first to be limited in a men’s diet.

Balanced nutrition combined with physical exercise and a 10% reduction in total calories is the best way for a man to reduce abdominal fat and lose weight in a healthy way.

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