Diet for Mesomorphs - What to eat to boost metabolism

The mesomorphic body type is the type of body that has a sports genetic predisposition by nature. The main characteristic of the mesomorphic body type is the ease of developing a powerful muscle mass.

Only 10-15% of the world’s population is of the mesomorphic type and predominates in sports and fitness professionals. (1)

The disadvantage of this physical complexion is to assume that your figure will remain for a lifetime without much effort. When a mesomorph overestimates its advantage in muscle genetics, they tend to gain weight over time.

This article details what a diet for the mesomorphic body type should look like and how to take advantage of it to boost metabolism.

Mesomorph – What is it?

The word mesomorph comes from: meso – the prefix for one of the three germ capable: mesoderm. And morpho – refers to the shape of the body.

The meaning of the word mesomorph arises in the 1940s with the creator of the theory of somatotypes. the American psychologist William Herbert Sheldon. (5)

Sheldon defended the characteristics of 3 types of physical complexion: ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. Today his theory is still debated. However, it has been incorporated into the curricula of some universities. (6)

Diet for the mesomorphic body type

A diet for mesomorphs needs carbohydrate foods in their diet. These foods allow you to restore your muscle glycogen levels.

Excessive consumption of simple carbohydrates (sugar, honey, glucose) upsets the hormonal balance of an ectomorph. In the long term, they can cause overweight and obesity.

When making a diet for mesomorphs, a common mistake is to include too much protein. This can lead to fat gain and lead to low testosterone. (3) A severe problem for long-term muscle development.

The proportion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats

A diet for the mesomorphic body type should pay special attention to the quality and ratio of macros: carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Ideally, maintain a 50:30:20 balance.

The amaranth, the buckwheat, and quinoa food with excellent nutritional properties for mesomorphic.

Limiting trans and saturated fats is a basic rule in a mesomorph diet. It is recommended that no more than 10% be saturated fat and less than 2% trans fat. Otherwise, adverse changes in metabolism can be generated in the long term.

The proportion of macros in a diet for mesomorphs should be:

  • 50% Carbohydrates
  • 30% protein
  • 20% fat

Diet for Mesomorphs – Sample Menu

It is essential to clarify that this diet is just one example. A professionally prepared diet must be considered for each case. Below is an example of a diet menu for mesomorphs:

BreakfastCoffee 200 mL
Almonds 20 g
Banana 1 unit
Oats 80 g
2 Whites
1 Egg
Milk 200 mL
1 tablespoon of maca
    LunchChicken breast with buckwheat and vegetables
Grilled chicken fillet 150 g
Buckwheat 170 g
Virgin olive oil 30 mL
Asparagus 50 g
Cherry tomato 50 g
Fruit 1 unit
    Afternoon snackProtein shake 200 cc
Fruit 1 unit
Avocado half unit
Whole wheat bread 3 slices
      priceBaked sole
with whole wheat pasta
Sole filet 200 g
Fried tomato sauce 10 g
Whole wheat pasta 150 g
Lean cheese 10 g
2 pieces of dark chocolate
Fruit 1 unit

Advantages of this type of physical complexion

While endomorphs pack fat with minimal excess calories, ectomorphs must eat regularly to gain weight. Mesomorphs are capable of increasing lean muscle mass quickly.

Usually, a mesomorph has an accelerated basal metabolic rate and a higher testosterone level. The molecular markers of mesomorphs are what give this body type the advantage.

Generally, a mesomorph has a low percentage of body fat. Its high testosterone levels allow you to eat high-calorie foods up to a certain age. This advantage can play against those mesomorphs that downplay food. The benefits of a mesomorph are:

  • A high percentage of muscle mass
  • High levels of testosterone
  • Ease of sports
  • Rough and determined personality


A muscular and athletic body build characterizes the mesomorphic body type. It is the somatotype with the best genetic predisposition to achieve muscle growth.

The most effective training method for this somatotype to increase muscle mass are explosive and short routines.

A mesomorph diet must weigh the high-quality complex carbohydrates contained in cereals and pseudo-cereals. As well as a correct balance of healthy fats. A maximum of 2 g of protein per kilo of bodyweight is recommended.

To avoid boredom and give consistency to physical exercise, they are recommended to practice sports that promote their instinct for competition.

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