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The endomorphic body type is the body type with a broad genetic predisposition. Typical characteristics of an endomorph are a thick bone structure, a wide waist, and a slight excess of body fat.

If you are endomorphic or endomorphic, you must take particular precautions in your diet since a poor correct food choice can make you gain weight more quickly.

This article describes the most appropriate diet so that an endomorph does not gain weight and a workout to boost its metabolism.

Endomorph – What is it?

The meaning of the word endomorph arises in the 1940s with the creator of the theory of somatotypes: the American psychologist William Herbert Sheldon. (5)

By definition, the word endomorph comes from: endo – the prefix for one of the three germ capable: endoderm. And morpho – refers to the shape of the body.

The endomorphic body type is the opposite of the ectomorphic body type. The first tends to gain weight, and the second tends to lose it. The Mesomorphs are the body positioned in the middle and are typical among fitness athletes.

The endomorphic body type is the most common among the European population. From an evolutionary point of view, the body of endomorphs had had to adapt to harsh winters when food was scarce.

Endomorph – Diet

A diet for endomorphs should be low in simple carbohydrates. Limiting sweet foods and excess sugar consumption is the first step for an endomorph.

In addition, a diet for this type of body must control the intake of saturated fats of animal origin and trans. To not gain weight, foods with fiber should be taken to the maximum in the diet.

An endomorph can go on a low-carb diet for three months to lose weight. Once glucose levels are normalized and weight loss is assured, it is recommended to transition to a healthy diet.

On the other hand, a common mistake in a diet for endomorphs is the maximum restriction of healthy fats. This type of fat is essential to achieving a correct hormonal balance.

A diet for endomorphs should have a 45:25:30 macronutrient ratio of carbohydrates, protein, and fat.

If you want to know an example of a diet menu for endomorphs, you can check:

Diet to lose weight without starving

Is The Ketogenic Diet Good For An Endomorph?

The popular ketogenic (keto) diet is an effective short-term weight loss method. Unfortunately, this type of diet is not the healthiest.

You can do the ketogenic diet for an endomorph and another type of body as long as you put no more than 12 months.

This strict diet can lead the body to long-term exhaustion and fatigue. In addition, by lowering the number of carbohydrates so much, both men’s and women’s exercise are challenging. In conclusion, the ketogenic diet is not the best for the endomorphic body type.

Endomorphic body type characteristics

The figure of an endomorph tends to be rounded; the pelvis is usually more comprehensive than the shoulders. The limbs (legs and arms) are generally short, although some endomorphs escape this rule. The head of an endomorph is usually round and solid.

These people do not have a natural love of the sport, including speed or agility. However, they excel in power sports.

A significant advantage of endomorphs over other body types is their comprehensive bone structure. This allows for an increase in the loads in strength training. However, if an endomorph leads a sedentary lifestyle, they will likely gain fat quickly.

The basal metabolic rate tends to be slow, just as the muscle fibers are not visible. Eliminating certain types of body fat can be a challenging task for an endomorph.

Exercises for endomorphs

A training routine for endomorphs must include basic multi-joint exercises. This type of exercise is ideal for gaining muscle mass and preventing an endomorph from increasing its percentage of body fat. The ideal exercises for an endomorph are:

  1. Deadlift / Deadlift

The barbell deadlift is one of the ideal legs and back strengthening exercises for an endomorph. This exercise for endomorphs has the advantage of working the midsection, legs, and lats simultaneously.

  1. Press de banca / Bench press

This is one of the exercises in which an endomorph is usually most successful. Strong shoulder and arm joints allow you to increase intensity and weight quickly. The bench press works the pecs, triceps, and core.

  1. Barbell Squats / Squats

The barbell squats are a vital exercise for the development of leg muscles. Endomorphs have a strong bone structure in their legs and should take advantage of this fact. The essential thing when doing squats is not to strain the joints and lower back. By neglecting technique, lower back injuries are often shared.

  1. Press Militar / Military press

The barbell military press is an effective exercise to work the shoulder muscles and strengthen the abdominal muscles. Its version with a barbell is an ideal exercise for an endomorph to strengthen the upper body.

  1. Abdominal planks

The abdominal plates are one of the basic static exercises. The goal when doing planks should be to stay steady and steady in the same position for as long as possible. It is an exercise that does not require rapid movements, making it ideal for the endomorphic body type.

Can an endomorph have a flat abdomen?

The dream of any endomorph is to have a flat and marked abdomen. In the first place, the roulette of genetics does not favor an endomorphin in achieving this result; however, it does not mean that through proper diet and training, this is not possible.

To sculpt a steel abdomen, it is essential to follow a diet for endomorphs with a reduction in carbohydrates and calories. Limiting cakes and sweets to the maximum is the first rule for an endomorph to have a flat abdomen.

However, the ideal weight of an endomorph is relatively higher than that of a mesomorph and an ectomorph. So obsessing over having a flat abdomen shouldn’t be an endomorph’s primary goal.

Sports supplements for an endomorph

An endomorph’s primary mistake in trying to lose weight is relying on sports supplements. The use of thermogenics or fat burners to speed up the metabolism without making the slightest physical effort is pointless.

To ensure successful weight loss, an endomorph must start with a healthy diet and not overdo it with the consumption of sports supplements.

If you also opt for sports supplements, the ideal for an endomorph is the amino acids bcaa. This type of supplement is ideal for avoiding muscle destruction when training and is low in calories.

Studies have shown that combining these supplements with creatine monohydrate is ideal for enhancing power training. (1)


The endomorphic body type naturally tends to gain weight.

The training strategy for endomorphs should be based on basic multi-joint exercises. These exercises will enhance the muscular bone mass of an endomorph and take advantage of the robust joints.

Aerobic exercises are not the best idea for an endomorph. Exercises with fast movements are usually the most hated by this body type.

For an endomorph to sculpt a flat abdomen, it must emphasize diet.

A diet for endomorphs should be low in sugars and poor quality fats. It is recommended not to exceed more than 10% of the recommended calories and a balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats of 45:25:30.

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