Exercise routine to burn 300 calories

Recent studies suggest that burning 300 kcal per day is the number of calories it takes to trigger healthy weight loss.

According to a two-year follow-up study of 143 adult men and women, restricting calories to such a small amount resulted in a total loss of 8 kg of excess weight in this time. (1)

In addition to reducing the percentage of losing weight, the exercise routine had a positive effect on the health of the whole body: the subjects had lower levels of blood pressure and bad cholesterol, as well as normalized levels of glucose in the blood. This article describes a sample exercise routine that will help you burn off those extra 300 calories.

How much is 300 kcal of exercise?

On average, to burn 300 kcal, you need to jump rope for about 30 minutes or run a kilometer and a half at a speed of 9-10 km / h. However, the actual number of calories burned during exercise always depends on the person’s weight, the level of athletic performance, and even the ambient temperature.

On the other hand, 300 kcal in the form of food is 50 g of nuts, 80-90 g of dry cereals or a small hamburger. In simple terms, it is much easier for weight loss to learn to control calories as they enter the mouth, rather than trying to burn fat with exercise. However, it is true that exercise brings other benefits.

The benefits of exercising to lose weight not only consist of burning those 300 extra calories, but also in increasing blood flow, improving respiratory capacity and the metabolic state of the body in general, in sum all these factors will help you prevent from a number of diseases as we age.

Example of routine to burn 300 calories

To burn 300 calories and lose weight in your legs, abdomen and sides, you will need only half an hour of training, exercising at a fairly rapid pace. The exercises presented below should be performed one after the other, with a 30-second rest between sets in total expending approximately 300 calories.

An exercise routine to burn 300 Kcal is described below:

1. Squats touching the floor

12-15 reps

Starting position: standing, arms along the body. Place your legs wider than your shoulders, then, stretching your buttocks and keeping your back straight, while exhaling, do squats, touching the floor with one hand and checking the involvement of the muscles of the back of the thighs with the other.

2. Alternate Supermans

40 – 60 seconds

Lying on your stomach, stretch your arms and legs, then start alternating movements with them, alternating your left arm and right leg and vice versa. Make sure your gaze is directed downward.

3. Hip raises

10-12 reps

Starting position: sitting on the mat, hands behind your back, legs flexed at the knees in front of you. Using your gluteal muscles, lift your pelvis up, then hold for 1-2 seconds, squeeze your tail as much as possible, and then lower your body down.

4. Scissor crunches

12 reps per leg

Starting position: lying on your back, arms extended along the body. Working your abdominal muscles lift both legs; perform alternating up and down movements.

5. Crunches V

8 – 10 reps

An advanced exercise to achieve weight loss and strengthen the abs: requires a good stretch of the hamstrings. From a prone position, with your arms and legs extended and keeping your back straight, lift your body with the force of your abdomen. At the top point, stay for 2-5 seconds.

6. Jumping jacks

12 – 15 reps

Starting position: standing, with your feet shoulder-width apart. As you exhale, squeeze your glute muscles and take a half squat position, after which, in an explosive movement, jump up, spreading your arms and legs to the sides.

7. Deep thrusts

5 – 8 reps

Starting position: standing, legs together. Bend one leg at the knee and lift it slightly off the ground. Then stretch your arms forward and with the force of one leg bring the other back. Switch legs

8. Fish tail

8 – 10 times per leg

One of the most effective exercises to strengthen the glutes and abdominal muscles; however, it requires good flexibility and strength in the muscles of the arms and legs. From a plank position with arms extended, lift your pelvis up, keeping your back straight, then lift one leg and then toward your chest.

9. Lateral raises

12 reps on each side

Exercise for the development of the lateral abdominal muscles and the muscles of the outer part of the thigh. Starting position: lying on your side, supported by one arm bent at the elbow, legs crossed. As you exhale, tensing your abdominal muscles, lift your body.

How much weight can you lose by spending 300 Kcal?

Since 1 gram of fat contains approximately 9 kcal, a daily deficit of 300 kcal is equivalent to losing 33 grams of body fat per day, or one kilogram per month.

The rule works in the opposite direction with food: an additional 300 kcal (chocolate bar) will provide an equivalent weight gain.

We emphasize that weight loss does not require heroic routines, hours and hours of sports or restrictive diets with which you starve, but a step-by-step approach, reducing those extra 300 calories is enough.


A healthy way to lose weight is to create a daily deficit of 300 kcal, which is equivalent to a small portion of food or 30 minutes of moderate exercise. However, to burn fat, strengthen your body, and give your body more benefits, try the exercise routine described above.

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