Functional exercise routine with bosu and bodybar

Functional training has been a major fitness trend for the past ten years. Although bodyweight exercises are nothing new, new training tools like bosu make them much more interesting.

The advantage of bosu exercises is that they strengthen the stabilizing muscles and allow to develop the sense of balance and coordination of movements.

Below you will find a program of seven exercises with a bosu ball and three exercises with a body foam bar, to work all the muscles of the body.

BOSU – What is it and what is it for?

The bosu is a fitness tool or device that was invented in 1999 by David Weck.

It consists of an inflated rubber hemisphere on a fixed platform. Bosu is often used for balance training. Depending on which side of the BOSU ball dome is used, you can work with a number of exercises.

Using a bosu platform increases the difficulty of functional exercises, which require not only muscular strength, but also add the work of stabilizing the body with the muscles to maintain balance.

This serves to develop an athletic body and also improves coordination, the ability to locate ourselves in space as well as makes training much more interesting.

Bosu Workout Routine – The 7 Best Exercises

You may have wondered how to do a bozu exercise routine at home or at the gym. The answer: yes it is possible.

Before starting the training it is recommended to warm up: 5-7 minutes of light cardio and several rotational movements to warm up the joints. It is recommended to perform each exercise in the program in 3-4 sets of 10-15 repetitions mode.

Here is an example with the best exercises with bosu.

1. Push-ups with bosu

Place the platform soft side down, then hold it with both hands. Make sure the body is stretched out in a line; the buttocks and abs should be in conscious tension. Like doing push-ups , push hard and controlled from the bosu with your chest and arms.

2. Static push-ups with alternate legs

From the same starting position, swing your right and left leg alternately. At the top, squeeze your buttocks, pulling your toes back. First 10-12 reps for the left leg, then for the right. Keep your shoulders and chest open.

3. Mountain climber con bosu

The mountain climber is one of the best functional abdominal exercises and can be done with bosu. Its mechanics consists of bringing alternately from the knees to the chest; in the advanced version, the knee can also be turned to the side.

4. Classic squats

If you are looking for a bosu exercise to improve balance, this is one of the most basic. Position the bosu turned and with a small jump try to lower your body with the help of your legs. To ensure a good position you can point your feet slightly outwards and make sure you are looking at a fixed point.

5. Sumo squats

This exercise with bosu is ideal for strengthening the lower glutes. Stand on it with a straight back, spread your legs at shoulder height, then slowly bend down to a horizontal position; stay at the bottom point for 2-3 seconds. Then, with your glutes, straighten your body. Make sure to keep your back straight.

6. Dynamic turns

Starting position: half squat on two half Bosu platforms, straight arms extended forward. Tense your glutes, abs, and then lift one leg; hold it down for 2-3 seconds and lower it. Do this 12 to 15 times with each leg.

7. Static squats

After doing dynamic functional exercises, squat in static exercise mode , holding the position for 30 to 60 seconds. Keep your glutes tight at all times. It can help balance with your arms.

Functional exercises with bodybar

The bodybar or body bar is an ideal rubber fitness tool for rotational movements and exercises with the hands.

Beginners are advised to use a light body bar, while advanced athletes (and especially men) use heavier equipment that can be incorporated with arm wraps or straps.

1. Body bar lunges

A functional exercise that combines several types of movement at the same time and requires the work of the muscles of the whole body. Alternate lunges develop both the glutes and the back muscles of the legs. In addition, by rotating the body with the body bar you can develop the abs and the shoulder girdle.

2. Squat kicks

Starting position: one leg is brought back, arms straight with a body bar above the head. Returning the leg to the squat position, at the same time lower the arms to shoulder level. Do 5-8 times with each leg. Follow the rhythm of the breath: raise your arms while inhaling, lower them when exhaling.

3. Side swings

Starting position: standing on one leg, the second is bent at the knee and raised to the level of the waist. The body is turned sideways, the hands hold the body bar. Then, without changing the position of the legs, move the body bar like a row. Make sure the body is not tilted to the left or right.


Functional exercises with a semi-platform Bozu and Bodybar are a way to effectively train the muscles of the whole body in the gym or at home. By doing a routine of this type you can improve not only muscle strength but coordination and balance.

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