Fatty Liver Diet - Foods Allowed, Forbidden and Menu

In a healthy body, the liver is the main organ responsible for eliminating toxins through bile. Fatty liver disease occurs when the liver is damaged and the liver is not working properly.

When this happens, you must follow a specific diet. In fact, a fatty liver diet is the simplest and most effective solution to reverse this disease.

If a person with fatty liver continues to eat poorly, it can have serious health consequences, for example liver failure.

This article describes how to go on a fatty liver diet, as well as outlines an eating menu plan with examples of allowed and forbidden foods.

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Fatty Liver Diet – Forbidden Foods

Fatty liver is a disease that has two main causes. Excess alcohol in the diet and excess industrial processed foods. (1)

In a fatty liver meal plan these food groups should be strictly prohibited. Eliminating alcohol is of greater importance when the cause of fatty liver is alcoholic.

The prohibited foods in a diet for fatty liver are:

1. Alcohol

Alcohol in all its forms is prohibited for those with fatty liver. Beer, drinks, even wine must be eliminated to improve this condition.

2. Added sugar

Sweets, juices, cookies, Coca-Cola, juices, and sugary sodas increase the amount of fat in the liver. Studies have confirmed more sugar in the diet worsens liver function. (1,2)

3. Fried

Fried foods are rich in trans fat , calories and sodium. All these components make the liver work harder. People with fatty liver should completely eliminate these foods from the diet.

4. Refined flours and white rice

High- glycemic foods like white bread, refined flours, and white rice make the liver work harder. Its excess can be a cause of fatty liver.

5. Red meats and sausages

Sausage meat products and red meat are high in saturated fat . In a fatty liver diet this type of fat should be limited to a maximum of 10% of total calories. (3)

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Fatty Liver Diet – Allowed Foods

Most of the vegetables, whole grains and fruits are foods that cannot be missing in a diet for fatty liver. Also, it is more important that you include foods with healthy fats.

The foods allowed on a fatty liver diet are:

1. Green foods

Green foods have been shown to help prevent fat build-up in the liver. (4) In addition, eating more green vegetables such as spinach, kale, broccoli has the extra benefit of helping in the control of body weight.

2. Whole grains

Whole grains are foods rich in plant fiber . Fiber should be a fundamental component in the diet for fatty liver. This is because they can improve the work of digestion, reduce the feeling of hunger and in the long term help you eat less unhealthy food. Some examples are: oatmeal , quinoa, bulgur.

3. Blue sea fish meats

Fish meats of ocean origin: tuna, salmon, mackerel, sardines are foods with a high content of Omega-3 . This type of fat should be a fundamental component in a diet for fatty liver.

4. Fruits

Most fruits are high in antioxidant, vitamin, and mineral content. All of these nutrients are essential to improve liver function. Also because their amount of water is high, including them in the diet is a simple way to reach the recommended amount of water per day .

5. Descreed dairy products

Studies have shown that low-fat dairy is foods that can help improve liver function. (9) For this reason, they are allowed on a fatty liver meal plan. However, fatty dairy: Parmesan cheese, heavy cream, butter fall into the category of prohibited.

6. Caffeine

Although it may sound strange, caffeinated foods (coffee, yerba mate, green tea, guarana) are allowed foods on a fatty liver diet. Caffeine in moderate amounts has been shown to reduce the amount of abnormal liver enzymes in people with liver disease. (8)

Fatty Liver Diet – Sample Menu Plan

A diet menu for fatty liver should be balanced. It is important to know that the menu detailed below is an example, so the amounts must be adapted according to each person. The approximate amount of calories is 2100 kcal per day.

Below is a description of a fatty liver meal plan for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic causes.

Breakfast60 g of oats
200 cc of coffee
20 mL of almond milk
300 g of Peaches, kiwi or bananas in pieces
    LunchTuna meat 150 g
Buckwheat 100 g
Cherry tomatoes 100 g
Kale leaves
Cucumber 1 unit
20 mL rapeseed oil
    Afternoon snackDetox shake
Whole wheat bread 2 slices
Avocado 40 g
Lean cheese 15 g
      priceChicken breast 150 g
Spinach 250 g
Quinoa 100 g
50 g nopal
20 g lean cheese
150 g spinach
30 mL olive oilFruit 1 unit


Fatty liver is a common disease in people with a tendency to be overweight, obese and drink alcohol.

One of its most effective treatments is diet. A fatty liver eating menu plan should include lots of vegetables, fruits, and foods rich in healthy fats like fish.

The prohibited foods on a fatty liver diet menu are: alcohol, fried foods, foods high in sugar, cold cuts, and red meat. In moderate amounts, caffeine and low-fat dairy are allowed.

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