Abs routine for women - How to mark the abdomen from home

For women, marking the abs is usually a more complex task because they have higher estrogen levels than men.

Estrogens make the percentage of normal body fat slightly higher. However, it is possible if you are a woman and want to mark the abdomen from home with work and dedication.

The best way to work your abs and mark them is to combine your abs routine with a proper toning diet.

This article describes an example of an abdominal routine for women to mark the abdomen from home. Different exercises are included that allow you to work the other abdomen areas from all angles.

Example of abs routine for women at home

An excellent abdominal routine is an excellent method to achieve a fitness body in women.

To target the abdomen, a beginning athlete should focus on bodyweight exercises and learn the technique of isolated abdominal exercises. Here is a women’s abs routine at home:

  1. Static side plates

1 minute on each side – 3 sets

One of the best exercises to work your oblique abs. It is a static exercise, ensuring the increase in strength indicators. The most common mistake in beginning women is shifting the elbows’ support forward or backward. To avoid this, make sure to form a 90-degree angle between the shoulders and the ground.

  1. Front abdominal planks

1 minute – 3 sets

The abdominal planks are an essential exercise that you cannot miss in an abdominal routine for women. It is considered an ideal static exercise to warm up and strengthen the middle zone.

  1. Dynamic plates

10 reps – 2 sets

The dynamic planks are a variation of the abdominal planks to simultaneously work the straight and oblique abs. When doing this exercise, you should focus on improving the amplitude and bringing the legs as close to the chest as possible.

  1. Dynamic side plates

10 reps on each side – sets

Static side plates are ideal for marking obliques. You can position your hand on the waist to improve stabilization. This exercise is perfect for women as it allows you to shape the waist.

  1. Lateral crunches to the ankles

15 reps – 3 sets

Including this exercise in the routine is essential to work the muscles located in the upper and lateral areas of the abdomen. The key in the technique is to reach the ankles without excessively curving the back.

  1. Side ball crunches

10 reps – 3 sets

When doing this exercise you should try to reach the maximum possible amplitude. To achieve a typical abdomen of fitness women, you must concentrate. This is the critical point of the routine. Keep your feet firmly in the air, and spin as if your body were a top.

  1. Bicycle abs

15 reps – 2 sets

The bicycle crunches are a dynamic exercise for the upper and obliques. This exercise simulates the movement of the bicycle horizontally, which ensures the complete work of the abdomen; the objective should be to touch the opposite elbow with the knee

  1. Torsion

10 reps on each side – 2 sets

Twists are a dynamic version of the front abdominal planks. You can bring your arm up or keep it close to your body when turning. Make a 90 degree angle with your arms and rest your elbows at shoulder height.

  1. Extensions with elastic bands

12 reps on each side – 2 sets

In an upright position and with the band below the knees, you should spread your legs to the sides. The exercises with elastic bands are ideal at home; if you want to know more examples, you can read: Routine with elastic bands for women.

Common mistakes in an abs routine for women

Beginning women often make a number of common mistakes when doing sit-ups. The most frequent routine is to lift the body with the help of the cervical, exaggerate with speed, divert the loads towards the joints and work an area of ​​the abdomen repeatedly.

Despite the apparent simplicity of the technique of crunches, they are one of the types of abdominal exercises where you tend to see more mistakes in beginner women. Excessive lifting of the body overloads the lower back and cervical area and can lead to pain in the neck and neck.

If you have pain in your neck or lower back after doing sit-ups, it is a direct sign that there are errors in the technique.

Doing crunches at breakneck speed is one of the common mistakes in the routine that does not allow complete and participatory control of the abdomen.

How many times a week do you have to do sit-ups at home?

The abs are a large muscle group. They require at least 48-60 hours to fully recover. (3,4)

The ideal for both women and men is to work the abdominals about three times a week.

To mark the abdomen, it is better to regularly increase the difficulty level than to repeat the routine an excessive number of times a week. This could lead to overtraining.


An abdominal routine for women should include exercises that allow all abdomen areas to be worked. Static activities are great to start your training. To mark the abdomen, total emphasis should be placed on the technique, and do the routine no more than three times a week. An excess in the number of times can have negative consequences for health.

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