Bad posture in teenage- How to correct it

Today, more and more adolescents have poor posture. The use of cell phones, games, and the constant need to be and feel connected are giving rise to more and more teenagers with a hump on the back.

Throw in hours of video games, television, and laptop use, and we can see technology as one of the most significant indicators of poor posture in adolescence.

The consequences of poor posture in adolescence and at any stage of life are headaches, neck damage, and a hump in the spine. These can cause back pain and lack of energy.

This constant abuse of natural spinal curves due to poor posture can be detrimental to young teenagers.

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Causes of poor posture in teens

We have all seen teenagers glued to their smartphones in a particular position; this is known as “text collar.”

The neck is down, creating a forward head posture, the shoulders are rolled up, and the adolescent is hunched over (hunchback), looking at his screen.

The constant use of cell phones (for all of us, but especially in developing adolescents) is the damage to the body over the years. If you add the use of backpacks and long hours on TV, you will ensure poor posture in adolescence and adulthood.

The leading causes of poor posture in adolescents are:

Backpacks or heavy loads on the back

Carrying on backpacks or briefcases is one of the most common causes of poor posture and deviations in the spine in adolescence. The suitcase’s weight forces the shoulders to misposition, causing the back to appear hunched.


Excessive use of smartphones and other electronic devices is one of the causes of poor posture. If you are a teenager, try not to chat or read while walking, as this ruins your mechanics and posture when walking. If you are scrolling for long periods, do it sitting and at eye level.

Long hours sitting on tv

Long hours on TV is another cause of poor posture. To avoid this, try to improve your sitting posture. The neck should not bend, and the positions of the hands and feet should follow a perfect line with the rest of the body.

Common mistakes when exercising

Errors when exercising can be causes of poor posture in adolescents. They cause chronic joint problems and constant back pain. When doing exercises, be sure to execute them correctly.

The position when sleeping

Numerous investigations affirm that a wrong sleeping position is a cause of bad posture (3). Lying on your side or sleeping on your elbow is the worst to get a good night. We spend about a third of our lives sleeping. If you sleep with your head on high pillows, the neck and spine will tend to hunch.

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How to improve teenage posture?

As a parent, it is important to show good posture and promote good posture in your teenager. Correct yourself when sitting improperly and tell them what they can do to improve posture.

Point out others with good posture and how confident that person seems; your child may want to practice that. Encourage exercise, limit time in front of smartphones, TV, laptops, etc., and teaching good habits from an early age can reduce injury and pain later in life.

An early diagnosis means earlier treatment and prevention of developing more severe complications. Knowing the condition of the neck and spine is vital information for good spinal health.

If the origin of poor posture is medical, you should go to a professional to help you.

Teens can be tricky, but your posture shouldn’t be!

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