Low Glycemic Index Breakfasts - Healthy and Rich Examples

You’ve probably heard that high glycemic index foods are bad for you. So you should avoid eating them for breakfast.

However, taking out bread, jams, and other high-GI foods can run you short of ideas.

This article describes 7 examples of low-glycemic breakfast so that you know that eating in the morning is not a problem.

What is the glycemic index?

The glycemic index (GI) is an index that classifies foods based on their effects on blood sugar levels. Foods that break down slowly are classified as low glycemic index foods.

Foods that break down quickly and release glucose quickly are considered “high GI.”

Low glycemic index foods are believed to be better for health as they provide more balanced and long-lasting energy levels. Including them in breakfast will make you feel fuller for longer.

Preparing both breakfasts, lunches or dinners with foods with a low or medium glycemic index is essential for diabetics.


5 examples of low glycemic breakfast

When it comes to GIs, the less sugar and simple carbohydrates on the plate the better. The more fiber and healthy fats the breakfasts have, the lower the glycemic index. Here are seven examples of ideal low-glycemic breakfasts:

1. Smoothie with chia, fruits and coconut oil

To prepare this low-glycemic breakfast you need coconut oil, sugar-free muesli, fruits, and chia seeds . You can add unsweetened peanut butter to give it a more intense and rich flavor.

2. Rye bread with avocado

Rye bread is one of the types of bread with the lowest low glycemic index. This example of breakfast is easy and rich. You can prepare it even if you have little time in the morning.

3. Oat pancakes

The oatmeal pancake is one of the examples of the ideal low glycemic breakfast for diabetics. For the dough: you need 2 whites 1 egg and 100 grams of oats. You can add red fruits such as cherries or blueberries to decorate.

4. Greek yogurt with sugar-free muesli and red berries

If you are looking for a quick and easy low glycemic breakfast this is the best. Mix 200 mL of Greek yogurt with low-glycemic fruits , seeds, and unsweetened muesli. If you also add cinnamon, you will lower its glycemic index even more.

5. Keto coffee and cheese bars

The keto coffee is an example of breakfast low glycemic index. This type is recommended for people who are trying to lose weight by reducing carbohydrates in their diet. There are several versions, you can add ghee butter or coconut oil to give it more flavor.

Allowed sweeteners

If you are one of those who prefer low-glycemic sweet breakfasts, you should know that not all sweeteners are allowed. For example, honey and agave syrup are examples of high fructose sweeteners.

Fructose is a type of simple carbohydrate that will increase the glycemic index of your breakfasts. The sweeteners allowed in this type of breakfast are sugar alcohols (xylitol, erythritol), stevia and monk fruit.

Coconut sugar and other types of sugar are also not allowed.

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Importance of a low glycemic breakfast

An ideal breakfast should provide a feeling of fullness for a long period of time. The worst choice for breakfast is sweet foods with a high glycemic index.

These foods give a   quick boost of energy, however, in less than an hour they will cause a stronger hunger sensation.

Eating low-glycemic breakfasts is important for diabetics, or people with insulin resistance . This is the best way to regulate blood sugar levels.

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Low-glycemic breakfasts should be high in plant fiber and healthy fats . Fruits and whole grains are allowed in moderate amounts.

The ingredients that you should avoid when making a low-glycemic breakfast are sugar and all its substitutes that provide high content of simple carbohydrates. Examples are coconut sugar, honey, and agave syrup.

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