Muscle Hypertrophy Routine At Home

Achieving muscle hypertrophy a home from home can seem like quite a challenge. However, it is possible with little equipment and a correct selection of exercises.

You can work on muscle hypertrophy from home even with bodyweight without weights. However, if you have a pair of dumbbells, elastic bands, or a bar at home, the results will be enhanced.

This article describes a muscle hypertrophy routine at home and practical tips for beginners.

What is muscle hypertrophy?

Muscle hypertrophy is the growth of muscles due to the enlargement of the muscle fibers and the fluid that surrounds them. (1)

Hypertrophy is generated when the synthesis of contractile protein is more significant than its degradation. That is when you create more protein than you spend.

To achieve muscle hypertrophy, you must accomplish a tension in the muscle fibers and provide the body with sufficient nutrients and rest. Under these conditions, the body’s cells repair themselves, and the muscles grow and increase in size.

Although it is estimated that muscle genetics have a 35% -80% influence on the muscle hypertrophy process, that is why ectomorphs usually take longer; however, with exercise and good nutrition, the expression of genes can be modified. (2)

The traditional way to achieve muscle hypertrophy is to combine a routine with weights and free bars, a caloric surplus, and about 8 hours of rest per day. At home, you can achieve similar results with excellent and rigorous training.

Example of hypertrophy routine at home

A muscle hypertrophy routine at home should be designed to work your entire body throughout the week. Otherwise, you risk the typical asymmetry between a bulky upper body and slim legs.

To achieve muscle hypertrophy at home, you must alternate between exercises with bodyweight with bands. If it is within your reach, use weights or bars. If you can buy a bar to hang on the wall, your range of exercises would increase considerably.

Here is an example of a hypertrophy routine to do at home without weights:

  1. Front abdominal planks

1 minute – 4 sets

Doing abdominal planks is ideal for preparing the middle zone for a hypertrophy routine, both at home and in the gym. When doing this exercise, you must support your body weight with your abdomen. The forearms-elbows and the balls of the feet should be used for support. The glutes and spine should be kept tight and slightly inward. To keep track of time, you can use a watch or the cell phone’s stopwatch on the ground.

  1. Side abdominal planks

1 minute – 4 sets

Side planks are a type of static exercise to work your obliques. They are ideal for starting a muscle hypertrophy routine at home. You must begin the same as in the high front planks and rotate on one side. The support should be on one elbow and form a straight line (diagonal to the ground). The right arm can be kept on the side of the body, stretching it upwards, creating 90 ° with the environment.

  1. Push-ups Apertura ancha

12 reps – 4 sets

The push-ups allow for achieving muscular hypertrophy of the upper body. Because they do not require special equipment, they should never be lacking in a routine to do at home. If you are a beginner and are unsure how to do them, you can check the technique: in the push-up exercise.

  1. Stocks

12 reps – 4 sets

Including lunges in the routine is essential to achieve a body with volume and proportion. During this exercise, the muscles of the legs and abdominals are worked. If you do not have weights, to improve the results in muscle hypertrophy, you can use two bottles with sand on each side.

  1. Funds

12 reps – 4 sets

Bench dips are one of the best exercises to work triceps at home. You do not need a unique bench; you can use boxes or two chairs fixed against the wall. Make sure your back is straight and against the supporting surface when going down.

  1. Push-ups narrow opening

12 reps – 4 sets

To ensure the muscle hypertrophy of the triceps at home, we include push-ups with a narrow opening. The technique is similar to that of traditional push-ups, but you must fix the elbows against the body; in this way, the weight of your body will be diverted towards the arms.

  1. Hip raises

12 reps – 4 sets

One of the most common mistakes in hypertrophy beginners is not working the glutes. Hip lifts are an essential exercise to strengthen the glutes and the front of the legs. When doing this exercise, be sure not to strain your neck and form a straight line with your body.

  1. Squats

12 reps – 4 sets

Squats are an essential exercise to achieve hypertrophy of the legs. Now, how to do them at home without weights? The easiest way to increase loads is to use a backpack with books or elastic bands between your feet and shoulders.

  1. Pull-ups

10 reps – 4 sets

If you want to achieve muscle hypertrophy from home, a hanging bar may help. Pull-ups are essential to achieve muscle growth in the back muscles and strengthen the upper body.

  1. Bonus: dumbbell exercises

If you have a pair of dumbbells at home, you can add exercises for the shoulders, biceps, and triceps.

10 reps – 4 sets

12 reps on each side – 4 sets

10 reps – 4 sets

10 reps – 4 sets

Hypertrophy training rules at home

How to do the training? To achieve muscle hypertrophy, you must combine the routine with good nutrition and respect the rest times. If you get bored, you can supplement with this whole-body routine.

Regarding the number of series and repetitions, to achieve sarcoplasmic hypertrophy (volume), it is best not to exceed 10-12.

If you feel that the weight is very light and you do not have consequences at home, you can try to increase the number of repetitions. This improves myofibrillar hypertrophy, and you will gain more strength in your muscles. You must do about 15 repetitions per series; if you see that your body can, try about 20 in the second series.

Who is a hypertrophy routine at home for?

A hypertrophy routine at home is for anyone who wants to increase muscle volume. In particular, this type of routine is helpful for the ectomorphic body type or with a tendency to be thin.

On the other hand, research has confirmed that moderate physical exercise can boost the immune system. So including an exercise routine at home is a simple method to prevent a possible attack by viruses and bacteria. (1)

In addition, if the work of exercises with heavy bars or dumbbells is not included, it is allowed for all ages, including adolescents between 15-and 19 years old.

Muscle hypertrophy exercises with elastic bands

Elastic bands are one of the cheapest and most practical options for training at home. Although they cannot replace exercises with weights or bars, their undisputed advantage is practicality. Rubber bands are inexpensive and can be ordered by mail.

With a small set of various elastic bands, you can efficiently perform a muscle hypertrophy routine to work all the body muscles from home. If you are unsure how to use them, you can check out – the way with elastic bands at home.


Muscle hypertrophy is an increase in the size of the muscles and the fluid that surrounds them. To achieve it from home, you can include exercises with body weight, bars, dumbbells, and elastic bands.

A beginner is always advised to supplement the muscle hypertrophy routine at home with a bulking diet and rest at least 8 hours per day. This is the basis for complete muscle recovery

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