Routine for Ectomorphs at Home - Examples of exercises to increase the volume

The ectomorphic body type tends to be thin and has difficulty bulking. However, a correct ectomorph routine can increase lean muscle mass even at home.

Bodyweight exercises are great for building muscle power and strength. Suppose they are done with the correct technique and respect rest times. They are enough for an ectomorph to increase muscle mass at home.

If you are also an ectomorph and have a barbell or dumbbells as equipment at home, the results of the exercises in increasing muscle mass will be enhanced.

This article describes ectomorphs’ routine at home to improve strength and increase volume.

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Example of home exercise routine for ectomorphs

One of the main problems of the slim body type is increasing the volume of the chest and back. By practicing regular exercises at home and always emphasizing technique, it is possible to increase the muscle size of the upper body.

The push-ups and chin-ups are among the best exercises for ectomorphs at home. The key in a routine for ectomorphs is to work with large muscle groups and always try to reach muscle failure in the last set.

Here is an exercise routine for ectomorphs to do at home:

  1. Abdominal planks

1 minute – 3 sets

Starting an ectomorph routine at home with front abdominal planks is best to prepare your midsection for weight training. When doing planks, you should pay special attention to keeping your elbows at shoulder height and not deviating your spine or pelvis downward.

  1. Side plates

1 minute on each side – 2 sets

An effective exercise to work the obliques and mid-lateral abdomen without weights. The load should be sent towards the obliques. Avoid rolling your shoulders forward. By including this exercise at home, you can increase the muscle mass of the obliques.

  1. Barbell chin-ups

Eight reps – 4 sets

Barbell chin-ups are one of the best exercises to work your back from home. If you are an ectomorph and are unsure how to do it, you can check the article: barbell chin-up technique.

  1. Push-ups

Ten reps – 4 sets

Push-ups or push-ups are one of the best exercises to tone the chest and shoulders muscles. Push-ups do not require special equipment, so they should never be lacking in a routine at home. If you are a beginner ectomorph in the sport, you can start on the knees; if you are advanced, you can try other types of push-ups.

  1. Triceps dips

10 reps – 4 sets

An essential exercise to work triceps. Dips are particularly effective at increasing arm volume without weights. If you don’t have a bench at home, you can use the edge of the bed or use two fixed chairs.

  1. Alternating Crunches

10 reps – 2 sets

The crunches are one of the best abdominal exercises to achieve a six-pack. The technique consists of trying to touch the elbows with the opposite knees. Avoid bending your neck or diverting loads to your lower back area.

  1. Hip raises

10 reps – 4 sets

One of the best exercises for the glutes. A male ectomorph often forgets about this muscle group. Working the glutes allows not only to achieve a more proportional figure but also to stimulate muscle growth throughout the body. If you have weights at home, you can add an extra load in the pelvic area.

  1. Lunges

10 reps – 4 sets

Lunges are an ideal exercise to work your legs. Including leg exercises in your routine is an excellent way to increase testosterone levels. If you have weights at home, you can hold dumbbells with your arms. When going down, make sure you are looking straight ahead and that your knee does not go over the balls of your feet.

  1. Squats

Squats are a classic exercise in a routine for ectomorphs. Once you’ve learned the bodyweight squat technique, you can add extra weight at home with a backpack, books, or work with elastic bands.

  1. Bonus: dumbbell exercises

If you have a pair of dumbbells at home, you can add weight exercises for your shoulders and biceps.

10 reps – 4 sets

12 reps on each side – 4 sets

10 reps – 4 sets

Training plan – exercises for ectomorphs at home.

The key in a training and exercise plan for ectomorphs should be to alternate the work of the large muscle groups with the small ones and always respect the rest times. (1 minute between sets)

The ideal when starting the routine is to warm up the middle zone and then intelligently combine the exercises. Doing push-ups after pull-ups (when your pectoral muscles are already a bit tired) will help increase the size of lean muscle mass.

A routine for ectomorphs at home should include exercises to train the leg muscles. The ideal for an ectomorph is to work them at least two times a week. Legs are the largest muscle group; operating them is essential to increase the synthesis of hormones related to muscle growth.

How many times should an ectomorph train per week?

An ectomorph is recommended to train at home about 3-4 times a week. The first five minutes of training should be devoted to physical warm-up exercises: running in place, jumping rope, abdominal planks, etc.

Only at this point should you start the routine. Planks and other static exercises should be done for 45-60 seconds. A beginner is advised to do no more than 2-3 sets.

Avoid mechanical repetition of inertial exercises. If you are skinny and you have decided to increase muscle mass from home, you should always involve your muscles at work. The goal should not be to do 100 push-ups on the first day but gradually increase strength with perfect exercise technique.

Are bodyweight exercises at home suitable?

Increasing muscle mass with bodyweight exercises at home is possible. However, the results are better when the routine is supplemented with exercises with weights, dumbbells, or bars.

Although bodyweight exercises are capable of strengthening muscles and improving the strength of an ectomorph, this type of training plan is not the best for achieving muscle hypertrophy.

Multi-joint exercises such as the horizontal barbell row, deadlift, and barbell military press are best for the ectomorphic body type. These allow to develop volume and increase the fluid surrounding the muscles: the sarcoplasm.

Kettlebell Home Routine – A Good Method to Increase Muscle Mass

The advantage of a kettlebell home workout is that it is a method where several muscle groups are worked simultaneously. They allow the development of strength and increase muscular endurance in the long term.

They also allow the development of coordination and the improvement of maximum respiratory capacity. A beginner ectomorph is recommended to start with no more than 12 kg. 10-12 repetitions are needed to increase muscle mass, always emphasizing the correct technique.

The importance of recovery for muscle growth

An ectomorph must know that muscles do not grow during training but during recovery. After the routine, it is essential to respect the rest days.

Large muscle groups require at least 1-2 days to recover. Supplementing muscle recovery methods is essential for an ectomorph to gain long-term muscle mass.

One of the most effective methods to speed up muscle recovery times is myofascial release or Foam Roller exercises.


A bodyweight home exercise routine is an excellent way to improve an ectomorph’s strength indicators.

The proposed training plan is ideal as an adaptation so that an ectomorph can increase muscle mass in the long term.

However, an ectomorph needs to supplement the routine with dumbbell, kettlebell, or barbell exercises to bulk up.

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