How to tone the buttocks - The best exercises to do at home

If you have decided to tone your buttocks from home, you should start moving them. Consciously involving your buttocks with exercises will allow you to give them that rounded shape and characteristic of fitness.

To tone the buttocks, you must emphasize technique and exercises. Supplementing with a good eating plan will ensure marked and toned buttocks in a few months.

This article describes the best exercises to tone your buttocks and what you need to do to achieve excellent legs from home.

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How to tone the buttocks?

To tone the buttocks, it is essential not only to perform specific exercises for the area but also to supplement with food. If you also add cardio 2-3 times a week, you will have marked and toned buttocks in less time.

The gluteal muscles are one of the largest muscle groups in the body. And they are made up of several parts, each of which requires different exercises. To tone the buttocks, you must know which activities are used for which area and alternate workouts.

In addition, particularly in women, the buttocks tend to have a high density of subcutaneous fat. This type of body fat is not considered dangerous to health, but it can clog your muscles. For this reason, to tone the buttocks, you must get rid of them.

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The excellent news is butt toning is possible. How to tone buttocks:

The best exercises to tone buttocks at home

Squats, donkey kicks, and hip extensions are the best exercises to tone your glutes. If you do this routine about three times a week, you can mark your buttocks from home. The best exercises to tone your buttocks at home are described below:

  1. Squats with elastic bands

This exercise is effective for complex leg muscle work. If you increase the opening of the legs, you will work the glutes more.

With your feet shoulder-width apart and your abs tight, lower slowly, lowering your hips should remain parallel to the ground. Then, in an explosive motion, return to the upright position.

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  1. Donkey kicks

An ideal exercise to tone the buttocks and the back of the legs. Get on all fours, with your hands firmly on the floor and tightening your abs. Slowly and with the strength of the gluteal muscles, bring one leg up Hold for 3-5 seconds, then repeat for the other leg.

  1. Hip raises

This exercise tones both the glutes and the lower abdominal muscles. Starting position: lying on your back, arms along the body. You lift your pelvis to form a straight line between your legs and hips as you exhale. Stay in this position, feel the glutes’ diligent work, and repeat the movement.

  1. Buttock abduction

Didn’t you know that you could tone your buttocks while standing up? – Initial position: standing, hands centered at chest level. Squeeze your glutes and bring one foot about half a meter to the side as you exhale. Make sure that only the leg moves during the exercise and that the abdomen is still.

  1. Reverse lunges

A classic exercise to tone the buttocks and the side of the abdomen. Stand up straight with an elastic band between your legs. As you exhale, bring your leg back and lower until it is about 90 degrees with your knee. For best results, you can do this exercise for glutes with dumbbells.

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Training rules to tone the buttocks – women

The main rule of a glute toning workout is to emphasize the technique of the exercises. You should feel a full sensation of muscular work and not just an automatic repetition of movements.

Women should perform each exercise in circuit mode with 3-4 sets of 10-15 reps each. At the endpoint of the movement, it is necessary to tense the glutes as much as possible.

Try to find an exercise rhythm in which the feeling of work is maximized. If you choose to tone your glutes with elastic bands at home, try different levels of elasticity. Start with the lightest ones, gradually moving to the stiffer ones.

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How to eliminate subcutaneous fat?

In women, the percentage of subcutaneous fat is usually higher than in men. From a medical point of view, the presence of relatively high subcutaneous fat does not pose a significant health hazard. (1)

However, when the goal is to tone the buttocks, you should reduce it. To eliminate subcutaneous fat, there are several methods. The fastest are high intensity workouts and low carb diets. However, they can have consequences.

To eliminate subcutaneous fat healthily, regular physical training is better. Running and biking are beneficial. If you also supplement it with a caloric deficit, you will tone the buttocks and reduce subcutaneous fat simultaneously.

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The best exercises to tone your glutes are squats, donkey kicks, and hip lifts.

The training rules to tone the glutes are to do the exercises in 4 series and 15 repetitions each. The results will be enhanced if you also do them in circuit mode.

Removing subcutaneous fat will help to mark the buttocks. You should complement the week with cycling or running and reduce the number of calories by a maximum of 10%.

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