Rules of training and exercises for the ectomorph body type

It is not news that an ectomorph needs excellent training to gain muscle mass. Following specific rules will help you improve your performance in the gym.

If you are of the slim body type, you must correctly combine the exercises and supplement them with adequate nutrition. This is the basis for you to increase the size of your muscles.

This article describes what training for ectomorphs should be like, what exercises to do, and what rules you should apply.

Training rules for ectomorph

To increase the size of its muscles, an ectomorph must follow specific rules. For example, do not exceed 12 repetitions when exercising.

Combining large and small muscle groups; is the best way to distribute muscle glycogen during the exercise routine.

Looking from the weekly point of view, the ideal for an ectomorph is to combine days of muscle hypertrophy with days of strength. This dedicates two days a week to exercises with 10-12 repetitions for the upper and lower body and two days a week with 5-6 repetitions at maximum strength.

The rules of an ectomorph training are:

  • Do not exceed 12 repetitions
  • Combine hypertrophy routines with maximum strength
  • Work 1 large muscle group with one small
  • Emphasize technique; if you can’t handle the exercise, lower the weight

Ideal exercises for ectomorphs

The best exercises in training for ectomorphs are the basic multi-joint exercises. These types of activities work for several muscle groups at the same time. If they are executed with considerable weight and correct technique, they provide excellent results in increasing muscle mass.

Such a workout is ideal for an ectomorph. This is because they are the exercises that stimulate the body’s testosterone production the most.

On the other hand, cardio must be limited for an ectomorph to gain muscle mass. Training sessions should never be longer than 1 hour and a half. Spending a lot of energy is counterproductive to achieving muscle mass. The basic exercises for ectomorphs are:

How many sets – how many reps?

For an ectomorph to gain muscle mass, experts suggest that the number of repetitions in a workout should be less than 10-12 repetitions and 4-5 sets maximum. (3)

In addition, it is of great importance for an ectomorph beginner to know how to choose a working weight according to their limitations. In attempting to demonstrate a ” superpower, “you risk sports injuries.

The ideal way to increase muscle mass is to reach muscle failure in the last set. If it is difficult for you to lift the weight first or second, it is time to lower the loads.


The ideal workouts for an ectomorph allow achieving hypertrophy and muscular strength. Examples are the barbell deadlift, pull-ups, and the military press.

Basic rules in a routine for ectomorphs are not to exceed 12 repetitions, work combining muscle and small groups, and always emphasize technique.

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