The mesomorphic body type is the body somatotype that has a sports genetic predisposition by nature. The main characteristic of the mesomorphic body type is the ease of developing a powerful muscle mass.

Only 10-15% of the world’s population is of the mesomorphic type and predominates in sports and fitness professionals. (1)

One of the characteristics that can play against this type of physical complexion is to assume that your figure will remain throughout life without much effort. When a mesomorph overestimates muscle genetics , they tend to gain weight over time.

This article defines what is mesomorphic, what are its characteristics and what they should do to increase performance in sport.

Mesomorph – What is it?

By definition, the word mesomorph comes from: meso – the prefix for mesoderm one of the germinal capable. And morpho – refers to the shape of the body.

The meaning of the word mesomorph arises in the 1940s with the creator of the theory of somatotypes: the American psychologist William Herbert Sheldon. (5)

Sheldon defended the characteristics in 3 types of physical complexion: ectomorph , mesomorph and endomorph. Today his theory is still disputed, although it has been incorporated into the curricula of renowned universities. (6)


While  endomorphs  pack fat with minimal excess calories, ectomorphs must eat regularly to gain weight. Mesomorphs are capable of increasing lean muscle mass quickly.

One of the characteristics of a mesomorph is a higher concentration of creatine phosphate in the muscles. Just as it has been confirmed that there is a difference in metabolic markers in the blood. (7)

If, in addition, the mesomorph type exercises regularly, they will get a  higher metabolic rate and high levels of testosterone. All these characteristics are a great help for mesomorphs.

Generally, a mesomorph has a low  percentage of body fat . Its high levels of testosterone and allow you to eat high calorie foods up to a certain age. This characteristic can play against those mesomorphs that downplay food. The characteristics of a mesomorph are:

  • High percentage of muscle mass
  • More creatine phosphate
  • High levels of testosterone and molecular markers associated with muscle development
  • Ease of sports
  • Rough and determined personality

Overweight mesomorph?

If a mesomorph is consistently poorly fed, it is sure to gain weight.

One of the causes of overweight in mesomorphs is an excess of junk food or a preference for sweet foods. This type of food is capable of giving a good boost of energy for workouts.

However, if you reduce physical activity over time, it is no surprise that your belly begins to grow. Genetics have a weight, yes but it should not be overestimated.

Mesomorphic or meso-ectomorphic body?

The 3 types of body build are rarely expressed purely. In general, a person is a mixture of the different body somatotypes.

One method to determine if it is a pure mesomorphic or not is to observe the body texture of its relatives, this is inherited from our ancestors. (1)

A mesomorph that does not play sports can transition to an ectomorph . While a lover of sweets and fatty foods can transition to the overweight endomorphic body type.

For the mesomorphic body type to become evident, physical exercise workouts and a diet based on healthy eating are needed to complement the workouts.


The mesomorphic body type is one with a genetic predisposition towards competitive sports, such as athletics.

The characteristics of a mesomorph are: high levels of testosterone, muscle creatine phosphate and a tough-minded personality.

If this type of physical complexion abuses with food, and reduces physical activity, it is highly likely that you will become overweight.

An ecto-mesomorph is that type of body that is positioned in the middle – between meso and ectomorphs.

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