Bad posture - Causes and consequences

The human body is a complex system: any alteration in the functioning of an element gives rise to irregularities in the system.

Even a defect, which may seem trivial, like the position of the feet when walking, can considerably worsen the mechanics of the movements and cause poor posture.

A very pronounced angle in the position of the feet (flat feet, for example) causes the knee joints to twist, which increases the loads on the hips and causes the pelvis to tilt.

This causes the spine to round and the shoulders to sag. For this reason, the position of the feet when walking is considered one of the leading causes of poor posture.

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How to correct posture?

Correct posture should keep your shoulders back and your chest upright. Poor posture means a deviation from the natural position of the spine and the detriment of a person looking worn out. An athletic body and correct abdominal and chest position are essential to correct posture.

The critical moment when it comes to having a correct posture is to achieve a natural upright position without having to think about it constantly. Without feeling tension in the muscles. Here are five tips to correct posture:

  1. Position the knees and feet

While standing, these should be parallel, separated by approximately 15 cm; the legs should be kept straight without tension, and the knees should be facing forward (not to the side). The body’s center of gravity must follow a vertical axis to avoid poor posture.

  1. How to locate the pelvis?

The pelvis is supported by two muscle groups: those in the lower back and those in the abdomen. A correct pelvic position assumes that the lower back is positioned inward and the core remains erect but does not protrude.

sedentary lifestyle causes the natural curvature of the lower back to decrease, which causes the back to exaggerate its natural “S” shape and increase the risk of injury. One way to avoid poor posture is to improve your sitting position and execute exercises that work the trapezius area and the middle area.

  1. The position of the spine and chest

An essential element of incorrect posture is the position of the spine and chest. The spine should be kept upright (without a hump), and the head upright, without exaggerating but with the trunk firmly forward.

One of the causes of poor posture is carrying backpacks on the back; this causes the spine to bend and the thorax to sag. Doing back exercises helps the figure not be gross, correcting the wrong posture.

  1. Shoulders and trapezius erect

Incorrect posture, the clavicle bones should be on an imaginary horizontal line. The trapezius should be positioned with slight abduction of the shoulders backward; the head should not protrude exaggeratedly forward. The palms of the hands should face inward when walking.

The seven causes of poor posture

The leading causes of poor posture are:

  1. Common mistakes when exercising

Common mistakes when exercising are one of the leading causes of poor posture. They cause chronic joint problems and constant back pain. In fact, the more the years go by, the more noticeable the pain and damage in posture. If you are looking for an increase in muscle mass, make sure you do it correctly.

  1. Briefcases and backpacks

Carrying briefcases on the back is one of the most common causes of poor posture and deviations in the spine (1). The weight of the suitcase forces the shoulders to misposition. It was causing the back to look hunched.

  1. Low shoes

Women know very well that the design of shoes can have adverse effects on the spine (especially heels). However, few men are aware of this problem. Specialists assure that the number one type of shoes to cause poor posture are beach sandals. When wearing this type of shoe, a person begins to drag their feet and twist. It increases the risk of suffering from spinal problems (2).

  1. Long hours sitting in the office

Long hours in the office are a cause of poor posture. To avoid this, try to improve your sitting posture. The neck should not bend, and the positions of the hands and feet should follow a perfect line with the rest of the body.

  1. Smartphones

Excessive use of smartphones and other electronic devices is one of the causes of poor posture. Try not to chat or read while walking, as this ruins your walking mechanics and posture. If you are scrolling for long periods, do it sitting up and at eye level.

  1. Driving for long periods

Car seats are the ones that cause the most damage to posture and spinal column (3). When driving, specialists do not only recommend using special seat pillows. As well as unique ergonomic cushions on the back. These serve to maintain the lower spine’s natural curve and correct poor posture.

  1. Sleeping position

Numerous investigations affirm that a wrong sleeping position is a cause of bad posture (3). Lying on your side or sleeping on your elbow is the worst to get a good night. We spend about a third of our lives sleeping. If you sleep with your head on high pillows, the neck and spine will tend to hunch.

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