How to remove oil from the skin? – For teens with blackheads and acne

Most teenagers suffer from oily skin. If you have blackheads on your nose, acne (pimples), or simply an excess of oil on your skin, you probably want to eliminate this problem.

The good news: through proper cleaning and following specific rules, removing oil from the skin is possible.

If you are a teenager and suffer from oily skin or acne, read on to find out what causes it and what to do to get rid of the problem quickly.

How to remove fat from the skin in adolescence?

A combination of several factors causes oily skin. In adolescence, the leading cause is the influence of hormones.

Hormones cause an increase in the production of sebum (or facial fat), which allows bacteria (acne vulgaris) to grow.

This is why oily skin (especially on the forehead and in the T-zone in adolescent boys) is a common problem in males with high testosterone levels.

Also, stress and a poor diet are not usually the leading cause of acne. They can help the excess oil in the skin and the infection be more significant. This is when more blackheads and pimples appear on the face that is difficult to remove.

If acne and blackheads appear in adolescence, you should pay special attention to personal hygiene. The basic rules are: take a daily shower, always use a clean towel and change the bedding at least once a week.

In addition to removing fat from your face with cleansing products, it is also important not to squeeze your pimples, avoid stressful situations and eat well. This will improve the health of the skin of the face; it will prevent acne bacteria and blackheads from spreading.


Rules for caring for oily skin in teens

When it comes to reducing acne and blackheads, facial care is critical.

The first step in caring for oily and combination skin begins with a daily wash. Using products that contain 1% salicylic acid and neutral soaps will help reduce acne. Then it would help if you moisturized with products that do not contain fats and oils.

The rules of care to eliminate oily skin in adolescents are:

  1. In the morning – cleansing gel with lactic acid

Take a shower and use a cleanser that regulates your skin’s pH. An example is lactic acid soaps for acne. Avoid using harsh soaps and alcohol. These products will not only remove oil from the skin but can irritate healthy areas.

  1. Dries well after washing

After washing your face well, you should dry it. Make sure to use a clean towel or blow dryer in cold mode. This will help your pimples dry out, reduce oily skin, and prevent the spread of acne.

  1. Do not touch your face with dirty hands.

To remove acne and blackheads, it is important not to touch your face with dirty hands. This can cause infection and increase the swelling of the face.

  1. During the day, wash your face 1-2 more times with neutral soap.

Greasy, shiny skin is likely to show up again during the day. You must remove the excess fat with a neutral soap if this happens. In adolescence, this may sound difficult, but it is effective. To facilitate this step, always have a neutral anti-acne soap in your backpack.

  1. At night – daily cream and toner

If you are a teenager and have oily skin, the procedures at night are the most important. The basic rule at night is to apply a cream for acne or blackheads and a toner after washing.

As for creams, there are several types; if you do not know which is the best for you, you should consult a dermatologist. One of the most effective is 5% benzoyl peroxide. (2) The toner helps reduce sebum production and may also have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, helping fight acne.

  1. Once a week, cleanse with a scrub or mask.

To remove blackheads, you should not squeeze them. This is a basic rule of thumb to prevent acne from getting infected and spreading further. If you are a teenager and have oily skin, it is best to use a non-greasy scrub or mask once a week. The activated carbon ones are the best to eliminate excess oil on the skin.

  1. Optional – Contrast showers for blackheads

If you do not get along with cosmetics and are a teenager determined to remove oily skin from your skin, you might consider the contrast shower method. This method consists of alternating the shower temperature between hot and cold. This allows pores to dilate and contract; this can help reduce blackheads and acne.

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Is alcohol used to remove oil from the skin?

Teens often try drying oily skin with alcohol-based products. While alcohol works to remove excess oil, it can cause irritation and further acne growth throughout the week.

It is better to clean your skin weekly with toners and creams to fight acne and remove blackheads and pimples. If you don’t have products at home, you can use natural masks like an oatmeal mask.

Masks and creams allow you to remove oil from the skin without irritating it. Cosmetics are a much more effective treatment to reduce oily skin than alcohol, both in adolescence and at any stage of life.

If you have severe acne, antibiotics or other treatments may be necessary. Consult a dermatologist; he will help you avoid scars on your skin.

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Why do blackheads and pimples appear in teenagers?

Blackheads are open pores with an accumulation of fat and dead cells at the mouth of the hair follicle. This problem occurs with excessive sebum production and when a person with oily skin does not do a proper daily cleaning.

In adolescents, the glands secreted sebum and located next to the hair follicles release more oil. This is due to an increase in hormones such as testosterone and estrogens, typical of adolescence.

In simple words, blackheads and pimples appear in teenagers due to hormonal changes. If, in addition, they do not follow cleaning rules and do not eat well, removing excess oil on the skin becomes more difficult.

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Excess oil on the skin is a common problem in adolescence. Blackheads, pimples, or pimples appear due to regular hormonal changes of puberty and can be aggravated by stress and a poor diet.

To eliminate fat, blackheads, and pimples, you should wash your face three times a day and use toners and creams.

If you are a teenager and suffer from severe acne, you may get scars as an adult. You will probably need more vital treatments such as benzoyl peroxide or antibiotics in these cases and consult a dermatologist.

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