eliminate body fat - Scientific method to burn fat

How to eliminate body fat? – Scientific method to burn fat

The desire to eliminate body fat in the abdomen, sides, and buttocks is one of the reasons that push thousands of people to diet and follow intense exercise routines.

However, there is no single method. Science has studied the various ways to burn fat.

In this article, you will understand the best method to eliminate body fat from a scientific point of view.

Eliminate Body Fat – Scientific Method

From a scientific point of view, combining a reduced-calorie diet with cardio is the healthiest strategy to eliminate body fat.

Several studies confirm that one of the first steps to eliminating body fat is to get rid of simple carbohydrates. (1,2,3)

Limiting sugar and substituting complex carbohydrates is the best way to lose your food cravings.

Also, by changing the ratio of macronutrients, you can put your body on automatic pilot to lose weight. Some methods like the keto diet are based on this foundation.

However, while these methods, known as low-carbohydrate diets, effectively burn fat, if they are prolonged for long periods, they can negatively affect the body.

How to eliminate body fat?

To eliminate body fat effectively and quickly, you must start by limiting excess sugar. Second, you must include a training program that suits your lifestyle.

HIIT and cardio at high intensity are the methods with the best results in eliminating body fat. As for the supplements, spending large amounts of money on fat burners is not the best method. According to science, their results are not the best.

Determining how much body fat to eliminate and how long is essential to achieve the goals. Determining the cause of your overweight and obesity is vital to understanding where to attack.

Now let’s get to work and see what needs to be done to start burning fat.

  1. Cut the sugar

Cut the first step in the method to eliminate body fat. The reduction of sugar in the diet smoothes the rise and fall of blood glucose mechanisms. This causes a person to increase their appetite and eat more and more. (1) Save the candy for a special occasion.

  1. Start moving more – HIIT or cardio

To lose body fat (although not always necessary), exercise will help speed up the process. HIIT is an excellent training method for fat loss

In the case of running or other types of cardio, should make the whole emphasis on keeping up with the ideal pulse for fat burning.

  1. Balanced diet

A diet to eliminate body fat does not mean the maximum restriction of a group of macronutrients. A frequent tendency is to eliminate fat from the diet. A correct proportion of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats must be established to eliminate body fat healthily.

Set times – Don’t try to burn fat in a week successfully eliminate body fat; it is best to do the process slowly. Under ideal conditions, the body cannot burn more than 400-700 g of fat per week. Killing yourself to strict diets and long exercise sessions can cause the famous rebound effect.

  1. The number of times you eat is not what matters.

In terms of burning fat, eating 5 or 3 times a day is not going to make a big difference. What does matter is the total amount of calories you eat for the day. While increasing the frequency of meals is a method used by some nutritionists to reduce the feeling of hunger, It should not be the most crucial factor to consider. (5)

  1. Give continuity, relax and sleep well

As the weeks go by, you should loosen up with the rules and relax. Treat yourself to good chocolate and take a break. This is effective in regulating the levels of the hormone leptin. Sleeping well is an ideal method to feel less hungry and to be able to eliminate body fat without problems.

  1. More water, vitamins, and minerals

The last step in losing body fat is following the rules of healthy eating. This type of diet is not only effective in eliminating body fat but also generates excellent benefits in terms of health. The basic rule is that weighting foods with high nutritional value, vitamins, minerals, and water.

Errors and dangers in methods to eliminate body fat

Try to eliminate fat with weight training routines. Going overboard with exercise and expecting miracles from abdominal exercises are common mistakes in the quest to shed body fat.

Some training methods are exclusively focused on eliminating body fat. HIIT and the tabata method are the best methods for burning fat. The most common mistakes when carrying out fat burning methods are:

  1. Extend low carb diets

Although a negative balance of calories and low glucose levels provides excellent results in eliminating body fat, it should not be abused with this method. Low-carb diets like the Dukan diet or keto can have serious side effects and contraindications if prolonged periods longer than 12 months.

  1. Don’t expect miracles from abdominal exercises.

There are no abdominal exercises that can burn fat locally. Even the best exercises like crunches burn a minimal amount of calories. The primary function of this exercise is to strengthen the core. If you want to lose body fat, doing 100 sit-ups a day is not the solution.

  1. Lack of nutrients

A lack of nutrients can cause changes in hormone levels. This makes it impossible for a person to lose body fat. In the long term, it can lead to severe illnesses. One of the most frequent faults when eliminating body fat is the lack of foods with iodine.

To burn body fat, you have to distinguish between the different types.

Most people trying to lose body fat tend to downplay one great detail. What types of body fat are there? Knowing this will help you achieve better results; it will also allow you to maintain a stable weight with less effort.

Fat in the human body accumulates in at least three ways: under the skin (or subcutaneous fat). As visceral or internal fat . Or how gender or intra-abdominal fat. Methods for removing each type of fat are described below :

  1. Plan to reduce inner or visceral fat

Visceral fat is the internal fat that gives rise to the typical rounded figure in men. This fat is deposited around the intestines, pancreas, and liver. When the weight increases, it accumulates close to the inner surface of the stomach, creating excessive pressure on the organs.

Cardiovascular workouts at high intensities are the most effective method to get rid of this type of fat (3). Eliminating visceral fat is essential to losing the typical belly of men. Combining exercise with reducing trans fats and saturated animal fats is the key.

  1. How to remove subcutaneous fat?

Subcutaneous fat is a soft fat found between the skin and the abdominal muscles. Subcutaneous fat is not the most dangerous in terms of health. However, eliminating this type of body fat is an aesthetic problem.

The best strategy to eliminate subcutaneous fat is to combine moderate aerobic exercise and a low-calorie diet. Intermittent fasting is a method even faster in burning this type of fat.

  1. How to remove fat on the sides?

Sex hormones are the factor that most influences the accumulation of fat on the sides in women and the lower part of the back in the shoulders. For this reason, it is usually different according to gender.

To eliminate this type of body fat, the idea is to normalize hormonal levels. A shoulder method can increase testosterone (or lower it depending on each case), and women control their estrogen levels.

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How to calculate the percentage of body fat?

There are several methods to calculate the ideal body fat percentage; the simplest is the use of a caliper and tables. Hydrostatic weighing is a direct method with greater precision, but it requires a complex structure, so it is only used in high-performance athletes.

Electronic scales give inaccurate figures, so it is not a recommended method to calculate the percentage of body fat.

To optimize the results in eliminating body fat, the idea is to eliminate each type with a different method. To eradicate internal fat, it is best to do cardio at high intensities; for the abdomen and sides, it is best to reduce the flour and sugar in the diet.


To effectively eliminate body fat, cut sugar and combine a balanced diet with physical exercise.

The healthiest method to lose body fat is to reduce your total calories for the day by 10-20%, keeping complex carbohydrates as your primary source of energy.

A faster method of shedding body fat is to go on a low-carb diet such as the Dukan diet or the ketogenic diet. However, it can have serious health consequences if a nutritionist does not prepare it.

High-intensity workouts combined with alternating carbohydrate intake are the best strategy for shedding visceral fat.

When the objective is to eliminate fat from the body, results should not be expected in a week. Ideally, follow the method gradually and progressively.


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