Workouts to lose body fat What is better HIIT, cardio or weights

When it comes to eliminating body fat, training should be a fundamental component.

Cardio combined with weight training is still the classic method of shedding body fat in the gym.

However, more dynamic body fat loss training programs are offered today, including HIIT, functional training, calisthenics, and CrossFit.

The following article describes the different training methods to lose body fat with their disadvantages and advantages.

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The best workouts to lose body fat

The best workouts for shedding body fat are described below:

  1. HIIT

HIIT is an ideal training program for those who aim to eliminate body fat quickly. If you have visited the doctor and your body mass index and fat percentage are high, you should consider starting with this method.

Research has confirmed that HIIT is one of the best workouts for shedding body fat in terms of speed. (1,2)

In addition, the additional benefits of this training are the increase in aerobic endurance and the maximum respiratory capacity.

In a HIIT workout, you alternate both high and low intensities. This allows for the development of not only the different types of muscle fibers but also improves the cardiovascular system.

By working with loads at high intensities, muscle glycogen stores are depleted, allowing greater availability of fats as an energy source.

  1. Functional training

The functional circuit training method involves the work of several muscle groups simultaneously—a minimum rest between exercises and the inclusion of basic multi-joint activities.

The duration of a functional circuit workout ranges from 15 to 60 minutes. During this time, cycles of 3 to 5 exercises are performed. The number of repetitions should be high.

This type of training has an effectiveness similar to HIIT in eliminating body fat. The routines are identical. The main difference is that functional training usually includes more exercises with weights, and training sessions are longer.

  1. Cardio

Cardio is the more classical training method to remove body fat. This category includes most sports: swimming, running, rowing, aerobic gymnastics, etc.

Most cardio exercises have a caloric expenditure of 400-600 KCal per hour. So they are effective in shedding body fat.

The main advantage is that they are usually accompanied by a group of people and do not require expensive equipment or memberships. If you opt for this type of training, we suggest checking your heart rate and working on your heart rate to burn fat.

One of the main disadvantages of cardio is that muscle anabolism (the destruction of muscles) can be achieved if performed excessively. As well as some impact sports like running, they can lead to long-term joint disorders. Establishing where the limit is is essential.

  1. Calisthenics

Calisthenics is a type of training that includes high-intensity outdoor workouts and is more natural than traditional gym movements. The high heart rate makes calisthenics one of the best training programs for shedding body fat.

If the goal is to have a bulky body typical of bodybuilders or hypertrophy professionals, calisthenics is not the most suitable workout.

However, when the goal is a low body fat percentage and a fitness body, you should consider this training method. The disadvantage: due to the need for a minimum of prior muscular strength, this type of routine is not the most recommended for beginners in the sport.

  1. Hypertrophy routine

Although eliminating body fat with a hypertrophy routine is possible, it is not the most recommended strategy. These exercises are practical for building muscle mass, not burning fat.

If you also opt for this type of training to eliminate body fat, we suggest working large muscle groups such as the abs or the legs. This strategy allows spending large amounts of energy. Combining a weight routine with a low-calorie diet is an acceptable method to burn fat.

To burn fat, diet is even more critical than workouts

To eliminate body fat, we must not forget that the most important thing is food. Believing that exercise alone is enough is one of the main mistakes in burning fat. Limiting simple carbohydrates and saturated and trans fats are essential to achieving this goal.

The low carbohydrate diet is one of the best results for weight loss. Combining some of the training methods to lose body fat with this type of diet is one of the best strategies.


The best workouts to lose body fat are HIIT, functional training, and cardio.

HIIT has the advantage of including short sessions and being an adaptable routine for beginners. The main disadvantage is its impact on the joints. The same is true for some types of cardio, one of the classic and effective methods to eliminate body fat.

Lowering the body mass index through calisthenics and a weight routine is possible. However, it is a strategy that should be reserved for advanced players in the sport.

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