Functional Circuit Training - Examples of Exercises

Functional circuit training is an increasingly popular type of training in fitness centers.

This is because circuit training is one of the best methods for shedding body fat.

This article describes how to do functional circuit training and an example routine for men and women.

What is an entire functional tenement?

Functional or circular training is based on bodyweight exercises in circuit mode. A practical training routine should include at least 4-to eight physical activities per cycle. The rest between cycles is set at 1-3 minutes.

This type of training can increase muscular endurance and considerable energy expenditure. Compared to traditional muscle hypertrophy routines, they are better workouts to burn fat.

The main advantage of functional training is to increase the lungs’ resistance and capacity. Studies claim that circuit training increases breathing capacity considerably. (1,2)

In addition, functional workouts are ideal for removing subcutaneous fat ¹. More calories are burned during this type of training than in a regular cardio session, but adrenaline is also stimulated.

Men’s Functional Circuit Mode Training Example

The program is designed to dry the body and tone the muscles. It can be run from home with just a few dumbbells and lightweight kettlebells. Here is an example of full-body functional circuit mode training for men:

  1. Bench Curls Bench
    curls are good for developing the upper chest muscles and triceps. When executing it at all times the abdominals must remain tense.

2. Kettlebell swing Including this exercise in a functional circuit is effective for developing core, improving posture, and correcting pelvic tilt angle.

3. Lateral plank with leg lift
It is a fundamental functional exercise to strengthen the obliques and the lateral area of ​​the buttocks.

4. Dumbbell T-Bends
This exercise is used to strengthen the lateral abdomen and shoulders. When you press against the floor, make sure your back is kept straight.

5. Leg Raises
One of the key exercises for the lower abdominal muscles.

6. Burpee – A key functional exercise for whole body development. The emphasis is placed on jumping onto the squat.

Tips when starting a functional training

Each exercise in functional training should be done for 20-30 seconds. To finish the circuit, particular emphasis should be placed on breathing techniques. The goal should be to achieve a maximum number of repetitions. Usually, the number to start is around 10-12 repetitions. An advanced athlete usually needs 15 repetitions to reach their total capacity.

The recommended duration of functional training for beginners is approximately 20-30 minutes (excluding warm-up time ). It is recommended to do circuits 2-3 times a week. At the end of the workout, it can be supplemented with muscle recovery techniques such as foam roller myofascial release.

Functional Training for Women – Exercises

The following functional training program is specifically designed for women. Through the following exercises, it is possible to achieve firm buttocks and burn fat quickly. During the circuit, active participation of the gluteal muscles, the abdomen, and the quadriceps should be felt; This will significantly increase the effectiveness and results of the training.

Does functional training help you burn fat?

If the primary goal of your training is to burn fat, circuit mode exercises are ideal. To improve results, it is recommended to combine functional training with a diet that follows the insulin index of foods.

Training with relatively low blood sugar levels is a strategy sports professionals use to reduce body fat percentage.

On the other hand, the 16/8 diet combines perfectly with functional training. This version of intermittent fasting is a vital tool for optimizing carbohydrate metabolism. Ultimately, it reduces your appetite and helps you shed body fat quickly.

Functional training vs. traditional gym routine

The classic functional training model combines the work of large muscle groups with cardio exercises without rest. A cycle mode workout is designed to burn fat and tone muscles. Not for gaining weight or muscle bulk.

To achieve muscle hypertrophy, perform exercises with moderate weight, about 10-12 at a controlled pace. The ideal is to do a gym routine three days a week, interspersing large muscle groups with small ones. In the case of functional training, this is not true.

Circuit training contraindications

Functional training is not recommended for people suffering from diseases associated with the cardiovascular system, mainly those with high blood pressure or who have suffered previous coronary events.

In addition, this training mode should not be combined with the low carb diet or the ketogenic diet since it is likely to appear due to acute hypoglycemia, dizziness even fainting.

Another contraindication of functional training is during pregnancy and the postpartum period, as in the case of people with problems with the musculoskeletal system or joints. If you have questions about whether functional circuit training is right for you or not, we recommend consulting with your doctor.

Functional training is one of the best workouts for shedding body fat and improving VO2 max. For men, practical exercises emphasizing developing the abdominal muscles and upper body are recommended. For women, the most suitable is a program to work the buttocks and eliminate fat from the hips. The main advantages of training in circuit mode are regulating blood insulin levels and not requiring large amounts of equipment.

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