Diet and exercises to lose abdominal fat without losing muscle mass

Body drying is a method used by professionals to achieve a toned, athletic figure. Drying the body properly means reducing belly fat without losing muscle mass.

By losing weight (lowering your BMI), you run the risk of losing body fat and losing part of your muscles. A drying diet must take this factor into account.

This article describes what to do to dry the body. How should the diet and exercises lose abdominal fat without losing muscle mass?

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How do dry the body and lower the BMI without losing muscle mass?

The main nutritional tools for drying the body quickly are low carbohydrate diets. As well as the regular practice of high-intensity workouts. This combination is effective in drying out the muscles.

To not lose muscle mass, weight training is recommended at least 2-3 times a week. Otherwise, a person is likely to tend to lose lean muscle mass.

Abdominal fat is lost when drying the body, and muscles become visible. One of the first results is to eliminate fat in the lower abdomen, as well as lower the BMI or body mass index.

When this value exceeds 20-30 units, this is a health problem. For athletes, drying the body is essential to achieve the six-pack.

Diet and exercises to lose abdominal fat without losing muscle mass

Drying the body for men usually requires less effort than drying the body for women. This is due to the difference in testosterone levels.

In addition, men tend to have a higher percentage of lean muscle mass. The higher this ratio, the easier it is to achieve fat burning.

On the other hand, to dry the body, diet always plays a more critical role than exercise. Keeping blood glucose levels low is essential for burning fat.

The diet should be based on foods with a low insulin index to lose abdominal fat without losing muscle mass. Keeping insulin levels stable helps control hunger and avoid overeating.

Examples of diet and exercises to lower BMI without losing muscle mass:

  • First 3 days – Low carb diet and 30 minutes of cardio per day
  • Day 4 – carbohydrate loading
  • Day 5 – carb loading and gym routine
  • Day 6 – rest and transition to recovery
  • Day 7: cardio and low carb diet
  • Repeat the cycle three times.

Diets to dry out the body

The basis of a muscle drying diet is a progressive restriction of carbohydrates. To lower abdominal fat, limit all foods with a high glycemic index.

The diet to dry the body should be high in protein and fat content. The ketogenic diet is an example of this type of diet; when eating this type of diet, the body empties its glycogen stores, and the muscles lose volume abruptly. However, they are toned.

When doing this type of diet, you lose the ability to do heavy strength training, so they are not recommended to combine them with gym exercises.

If these diets are maintained for long periods, they can alter testosterone levels in men. To dry and tone muscles, professional athletes often opt for the cyclical ketogenic diet version or intermittent fasting alternately throughout the week.

Effective drying diets:

Exercises to dry the muscles

The best strategy for drying your muscles is to combine your diet with a proper training program. Combining HIT (high-intensity interval training) with a gym routine is an ideal combination to lose abdominal fat without losing muscle mass.

Keep in mind that the goal of a dry body workout should not be to maximize calories burned but rather to achieve maximum repetitions. This is the basis of the Tabata method.

Increasing muscular endurance is more effective in drying out muscles than removing excess calories through aerobic exercise.

Exercises to tone and dry the body

To dry the body and have a flat abdomen. First of all, it is necessary to study the technique of abdominal exercises, planks, and static exercises for the core.

By learning to engage your abdominal muscles at work consciously, you will not only significantly increase energy costs but also create a toned and muscular sports figure.

Body drying is a method that must involve techniques to eliminate body fat without compromising muscle mass. The most effective way to lose belly fat is to combine a carbohydrate-restricted diet with a total body workout. The best exercises for drying the body and lowering abdominal fat are:

Burpee – Burpees are one of the critical functional exercises for activating all muscle groups in the body.

Side Planks – Side planks are among the most effective abdominal exercises for working your obliques and toning and drying your abdomen.

Leg lifts – Leg lifts help work the lower abdominal muscles. They are also an efficient exercise to dry out the body.

Kettlebell exercises :

The training kettlebell not only strengthens muscles but also develops a sense of balance, something useful to strengthen your abs.

Static exercises :

Exercising in a static (fixed) mode helps to engage slow fibers and decrease core and abdominal fat.

Thermogenics or Fat Burners: Are They For Lowering Belly Fat?

Most people have never heard of fat burners drying out muscles. Thermogenics are supplements capable of increasing the activity of the central nervous system, which is why some are encouraged to say that they are capable of accelerating metabolism.

The thermogenic function is by increasing body temperature and activation of the operation of the central nervous system. So it can be considered that they can cause positive effects on weight loss. (1)

However, it is essential to exercise caution when using these supplements. While they can be effective for losing belly fat, they can have side effects.

If you opt for supplements to lower abdominal fat, we recommend the use of natural thermogenic, yerba mate , green tea, and guarana are some examples. The advantage of these supplements is that the doses of caffeine are lower than synthetic products, making it more challenging to overdo it. In addition, the use of amino acids bcaa is recommended for quiet carbohydrate days and training.

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