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Full-body routine for ectomorphs – How to increase strength in the gym?

The first thing an ectomorph wants when starting the gym is to increase muscle mass. Understanding how to work the different muscle groups is key to improving strength indexes for a beginner.

For an ectomorph to gain muscle mass and maintain results over time, it must understand nutrition basics and combine them with a proper routine. If possible, include muscle recovery methods to improve outcomes.

This article proposes a full-body routine for an ectomorph to increase lean muscle mass effectively.

Example of a full-body routine for ectomorphs

To achieve muscle growth, the ectomorphic body somatotype must set 3 objectives: complete micro-damage to the muscle fibers, provide sufficient energy and respect recovery times.

A 70 kg ectomorph man should eat at least 2800-3000 KCal per day. By carrying out a gym routine three times a week and finishing off with a full-body practice on Saturday, the results in increasing muscle mass are specific. The following describes what a full-body approach for ectomorphs would look like:

  1. Smooth jog

A full-body gym routine should always start with a 5-7 minute warm-up. Jogging on a treadmill like a stationary bike or other cardiovascular exercise is sufficient.

  1. Leg press

The legs are the largest muscle group in the body. Strengthening your legs activates testosterone production and ultimately helps you build muscle mass faster. When doing the press, you should always keep your abs active.

  1. Femoral curl in the simulator

The hamstring curls are among the best exercises to increase muscle mass in the back of the legs, buttocks, and lats. When doing this exercise, an ectomorph must learn to keep a slow pace and lower the weight gently, helping with breathing.

  1. Low pulley row

The low pulley row is an exercise analogous to the horizontal barbell row for beginners. Including it in the full-body routine is essential for developing the back muscles. The key to the technique is to make sure that the body does not drift to the sides and bring the shoulder blades together.

  1. High pulley row

The high pulley row is an analog of pull-ups. It allows for strengthening the back muscles, the shoulder girdle, and the arms. Remember that the bar should permanently be lowered towards the chest and not behind the head. When pulling back, keep your abdomen straight.

  1. Machine chest opening

Including this exercise in a full-body routine for ectomorphs allows you to work and mark the chest muscles. Pulling on the grips, bring your hands together with the strength of your pecs, hold for 1-2 seconds, then slowly return to the starting position.

  1. Flat chest press

The flat chest press is essential for an ectomorph to increase muscle mass. The loads should be reduced by at least 30% of what you usually lift in a full-body routine. Make sure that your wrist does not break and that you do not deflect loads towards your shoulders, leading to joint injuries.

  1. Triceps with pulley

A classic exercise for an ectomorph is to mark the back of the triceps. An ectomorph should use medium weight, control movement, and not drift sideways on the full-body day. To ensure that the triceps are being worked, beginners are advised to press the elbows against the body.

  1. Biceps with pulley

One of the exercises that cannot be missed in the routine so that an ectomorph can increase the volume of the biceps. It is necessary to maintain a fixed position of the body and the elbows pressed against the lateral zone of the body.

  1. Hyperextensions

To close the full-body routine for ectomorphs, an exercise to strengthen the lower back is recommended. Hyperextensions are an excellent exercise to do this. At the top of the movement, be careful not to climb too high; mistakes in technique can cause low back pain.

Full-body routine for ectomorphs How many sets, how many reps?

An ectomorph must be clear about the number of sets and repetitions to do to achieve muscle hypertrophy. To increase muscle mass, the full-body day should not be done more than three series with ten repetitions of each exercise; the weight should be moderate and slightly less than the rest of the days.

The rest between sets should be 30 to 60 seconds. The main goal of a full-body routine is to increase strength indicators. An extra weight load in exercises can have adverse effects on muscle development.

The progress of an ectomorph beginner should be gradual. It would help if you first strengthened both types of muscle fibers and joints and then moved on to more sophisticated workouts.

A full-body routine for ectomorphs in the gym should be used to improve strength indicators. In the long term, this is the key to building muscle mass.

In addition, to increase muscle, an ectomorph needs to supplement with proper nutrition and supplement with complex carbohydrates, protein products, and healthy fat sources.

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