Ectomorph with belly - Guide for skinny people

The ectomorphic body type can eat pizza and junk foods for weeks without gaining weight. However, this occurs only up to a young age, with the passing of the years an ectomorph’s belly begins to grow.

If an ectomorph does not make a good selection of food and combines it with low physical activity, it tends to achieve a body with a small prominent belly, thin arms and legs.

Fortunately there are several strategies to solve this problem. If you are an ectomorph with a belly, read on to find out how to correct it.

Ectomorph with a belly – What to do?

The belly of an ectomorph is due to excess visceral fat . This is the type of fat that accumulates on the surface of the stomach.

The reasons for the formation of this type of belly can be diverse. However, the most important are excess sugar , saturated fat and trans fat . If you are an ectomorph with a belly, limiting these foods is a key point to reducing your belly.

In addition, some medications can influence how fat is deposited more in specific areas of the belly. If you take medications, you should not abandon them without your doctor’s permission, but ask to see if this may be the cause.

In an ectomorph with a belly the effect of hormones such as estrogens and growth hormone can strongly influence. To regulate hormones, you must eat well and start exercising. A good routine for ectomorphs should include at least 3 basic multi-joint exercises and supplemented with exercises with dumbbells and weights.

Supplementing with a diet rich in whole grains, proteins and vegetable oils is essential to reduce belly. These are basic tips for the ectomorph body type to achieve a proportional body.

Correcting poor posture is important

Good posture means that your shoulders are in line with your body and not forward, your chest up and your belly button in.

If you are an ectomorph with a belly, you probably do not have a correct posture. A poor posture can cause the volume of your belly is visually more. Pull- ups are an excellent exercise to do this.

An ectomorph with a belly must pay special attention to how it stands and its position in front of the computer . For best results you can do exercises to strengthen the abs, and the muscles of the lower back.

Diet for an ectomorph with a belly

An ectomorph with a belly must make a maximum restriction of fried foods and ultra-processed or sugary foods: donuts, sweet cookies, cakes, among others.

If you want to lower your belly, these are the first foods you should attack. These foods not only have a high caloric intake, but they are also capable of altering hormones related to hunger and promoting the deposit of fat in the belly.

Even one of the consequences of excess sugar is changes in testosterone levels. (5) In the long term, they can lead to an increase in visceral fat and this is when the typical ectomorphic body with a paunch appears.

Another important point in a diet for this somatotype is to limit carbonated soft drinks and fermented foods. These can generate gas and instantly increase the volume of your belly.

Some diet options for an ectomorph to lower its belly are:

Exercises for an ectomorph with a belly

Complementing a good diet with training will effectively give better results in an ectomorph with a belly.

In addition, with time and dedication, physical activity allows one of the greatest difficulties for an ectomorph to be achieved: gaining muscle mass.

If you are an ectomorph with a belly, the most classic method is to combine a routine of 3 gym days per week with 2 days of cardio. If you prefer newer training methods you can try a hybrid hypertrophy training or a calisthenics routine .

Remember to always rest at least two days a week. Otherwise you will not only lower your belly but you will extinguish the muscle mass that has been so difficult for you to achieve.


The ectomorphic body type has a tendency to be slim. However, the combination of poor posture, low physical activity, poor diet and the effect of certain medications can cause you to develop a full belly.

For an ectomorph to lower the belly, the healthiest strategy is to combine a healthy diet with at least 3 days of gym per week, supplementing with 2 days of cardio will accelerate the results.

Other methods like a low carb diet, or the cyclical ketogenic diet in combination with functional training are faster. But if they are not done correctly they can have their risks.

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