How can an ectomorph become a mesomorph

Can an ectomorph, a naturally lean body type become a muscular mesomorph? Yes of course. Practice shows that with regular exercise and better nutrition this is possible.

While the molecular markers do not change, the body’s structure and sensitivity to certain hormones such as testosterone can be achieved.

If you are an ectomorph and want to increase muscle mass, read on to learn how to become a mesomorph.

Ectomorph and mesomorph, What are they?

Ectomorph and mesomorph are two of the three body types that exist. A pure ectomorph is characterized by difficulty in gaining muscle mass. A mesomorph has a knack for sports and a stockier body.

The advantage of an ectomorph is the ability to withstand prolonged loads of moderate intensity, for example, running a marathon, riding a bike, or swimming. Additionally, many long jump athletes are ectomorphs, due to their ease in maintaining a lean, lean body.

The main disadvantage of this body type is rapid lose weight in the absence of the proper level of training and a lack of calories. Despite this, the wide shoulders created by training will remain in any case, creating an athletic and fit figure.

In terms of muscle strength, the problem with the ectomorph is the lack of muscle glycogen stores. The only way to fix this problem is to follow a high-calorie diet with a controlled nutrient ratio.

Can genetics be changed?

William Sheldon, the author of the body type theory, argued that most people combine the traits of the three somatotypes. It is not the thickness of the bones or genetics that affects a person’s appearance, but lifestyle and, in particular, training and nutrition.

While information from DNA or muscle genetics cannot be changed, this does not mean that an ectomorph or endomorph cannot achieve a similar result with a proper plan. (2)

In fact, against the background of improper nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle, an ectomorph’s tummy can begin to grow, which is known as a potbelly ectomorph.

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How to convert from ectomorph to mesomorph?

The training and nutrition strategy to gain muscle mass and go from ectomorph to mesomorph is based on the combination of basic multi-joint exercises, a high-calorie diet (rich in protein and complex carbohydrates), and respecting muscle recovery times by monitoring carefully of progress.

For an ectomorph, it is important to train large muscle groups: the back, chest, and legs. An increase in your mass has a positive effect on both hormone levels and an increase in total body weight.

The main exercises for an ectomorph to become a mesomorph are:

Exercises for the back muscles will create broad shoulders, while exercises for the glutes will strengthen the leg muscles and lay the foundation for the development of other core muscles.

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Ectomorph training program

In practice, a basic program of just five barbell exercises is one of the most suitable for gaining muscle mass. It should not be done more than three or four times a week, emphasizing correct technique as well as a regular and progressive increase in working weight.

The training itself should be aimed at muscle hypertrophy, that is, first of all, to increase muscle volume. This will increase the amount of glycogen stored and the size of the muscles.

The weight in the exercises should be heavy enough and the number of repetitions should not exceed 12 times. Supplementing with two full-body days will allow an ectomorph to achieve a more defined and muscularly visible body.

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Nutrition and diet for meso-ectomorph

Gaining muscle mass requires a higher protein intake, as well as selecting high-quality carbohydrates and fats.

Muscles need not only protein (muscle-building material), but also carbohydrates (the key source of energy for training). Fats are important for hormone synthesis, mainly vegetable fats and omega-3s.

For an ectomorph to become a mesomorph, the daily caloric intake must be increased by no more than 15-20%; for men, this figure is around 2,500 kcal per day. In most cases, this means 4-5 servings per day.

The use of sports supplements can be helpful but is optional. It should not be the basis of the diet.

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Intermittent fasting

It is quite typical that after increasing muscle mass an ectomorph has a certain amount of excess abdominal fat. In this case, the intermittent fasting technique or the 16/8 diet is recommended.

Applying this method of eating will help you burn fat and reap other benefits for your body.

The difference in sensitivity to hormones is one of the main advantages that a mesomorph has over an ectomorph.

According to studies, intermittent fasting may increase sensitivity to growth hormones. A fundamental component for increasing the volume of muscles. (1)


Ectomorph and mesomorph are two of the most common body types or physical build.

The main advantage of the ectomorph is its fast metabolism, which helps to maintain a low level of body fat and lean muscles. However, he has difficulty increasing the size of his muscles.

For an ectomorph to gain muscle mass and become a mesomorph, it needs proper nutrition and a combination of barbell exercises.

Supplementing with feeding techniques such as intermittent fasting can help give better results as it reduces genetic hormonal differences with mesomorphs.

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