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For an ectomorph, increasing the volume of the arms is not an easy task. However, with just four bicep exercises, proper working weight is possible.

The biceps grows when you consciously involve your work in exercises, eat and rest well.

The main secret to achieving arm muscle growth is not using a considerable weight. But to complete the progressive rupture of the muscle fibers of the different biceps areas. (3)

Supplementing with muscle recovery methods will allow you to achieve better results in increasing volume. This article describes a bicep routine for ectomorphs, so bulking your arms is no longer a problem.

Biceps routine for ectomorphs

A bicep routine for ectomorphs should include isolation exercises with a medium-high working weight. The number of repetitions must be less than 12, the number of series 4.

We remember that an ectomorph should not work the biceps more than two times a week. Otherwise, instead of increasing their volume, they will begin to reduce. Here’s what a bicep routine for ectomorphs would look like:

  1. Z-bar raises

Z-bar raises are the best exercises for working the inner biceps. The advantage of this type of exercise is the ability to train with significant weight and the relative simplicity of the technique. During training, the elbows should be immobile against the body; the body should not sway.

  1. Front Dumbbell Curls

A classic exercise for dumbbell biceps. At the top of the movement, make sure the dumbbells are at shoulder height. An ectomorph can do this exercise for the biceps at home. A beginner is recommended not to exceed a size of 10 kg on each side.

  1. Alternating Biceps Curl

Alternating curls allow you to work your biceps from different angles. Hold the dumbbells for a second at the bottom of the exercise, then, with complete control of the biceps, lift the weight. Movement should be smooth and controlled. Use your legs for support.

  1. Pulley biceps

An ideal exercise to finish the routine. The main mistake when doing this exercise is leaning the body to the sides. It is of great importance to ensure that the tailbone stays forward. The elbows must be held steady; tightening your abdominal muscles will give you the stability you need for strong arms.

Does an ectomorph need more exercises to increase bicep volume?

When the objective is sarcoplasmic muscle hypertrophy of the biceps, no more than 3-4 exercises should be worked per day. An excess of bicep exercises is not suitable for an ectomorph to increase the volume of the arms.

To increase the results, you can train twice a week in a spaced manner—for example, Monday and Friday.

The functional exercises can be used as a supplement to improve strength and muscle toning. However, they are not the best for bulking.

Beginning ectomorphs tend to overdo training. This does not allow you the time necessary for the muscle fibers to recover. A right bicep bulking routine should always be based on the “progress – stagnation – change – progress” pattern. An ideal workout for later stages is to include drop sets and supersets.

The secret of the veins marked on the arms

Many ectomorph beginners dream not only of increasing the volume of the biceps. But also achieve marked veins on the arms. However, it is not only with physical exercise that you can see the veins or not, but the total amount of subcutaneous fat in the body.

The basic multi-joint exercises are the best to achieve this goal. They allow the increase of muscle mass, but they stimulate more excellent testosterone production. For example, the horizontal barbell row and the military press are two exercises that secondarily work the biceps.


A bicep routine for ectomorphs does not need more than 3-4 exercises. Successful training of the biceps muscles is based on the progress – stagnation – change – progress scheme.

Among other things, increasing the volume of the biceps is impossible without the ability to involve it in work consciously.

Including isolation exercises accompanied by muscle recovery methods is the best way to increase the size of the arms.

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