Back Strengthening Exercises At Home - The 7 Best Exercises

Outdoor workouts are a great way to build muscle with minimal equipment. Horizontal bar exercises develop not only the back but also strengthen the shoulder girdle and strengthen the arm muscles.

Starting with the classic pull-ups, when training outdoors, you can combine balance exercises like the flag. This will help prepare your back muscles and strengthen your entire upper body.

This article describes various outdoor back exercises and a beginner training example.

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Outdoor back exercises

Pull-ups are an essential back exercise that can be done at home, in the gym, or outdoors. Depending on the width of the arms and the type of grip (prone, supine, neutral), the muscles involved in training vary.

Pull-ups should be the foundation of an outdoor back workout. Perfecting the technique of this exercise allows you to advance to more challenging ones—for example, elevations in parallel bars or the famous flag.

The main advantage of this back exercise is that a beginner strengthens the muscles and the joints and ligaments, without which it is impossible to perform more complex training exercises.

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Outdoor back training

Unlike dumbbell training, which allows you to work different back segments in isolation, horizontal bar exercises are multi-joint. In other words, the load is applied simultaneously to the dorsal muscles, the muscles of the shoulder girdle, and even those of the abdomen.

Here is an example of outdoor back training.

  1. Pull-ups o dominated

To do barbell chin-ups correctly, you need to feel that your back muscles are involved in the work. The movement should be smooth and without jerks, pushing the body over the bar to the upper chest area. You can bend your knees and start with 3-4 sets of 8-10 repetitions if you are a beginner.

  1. Fixed dips on parallel bars

Strictly speaking, dips or funds bar is considered an exercise for triceps. However, varying the angle and maintaining your balance allows you to work both your back and abdominal muscles. If you are a beginner, try to hold on as long as possible and make sure you don’t strain your neck muscles.

  1. Handstand on parallel bars

Parallel bar supports are tools that can help us the most when exercising outdoors. The handstand is one of the most powerful exercises to work the upper body area and strengthen the back. The exercise allows for many variations, including push-ups in the horizontal and vertical planes.

  1. Press with wheel, TRX, or bands

In the gym, presses are a vital exercise for the back. It can be replaced with ropes and wheels, TRX or bands on the street. When doing these exercises, keep your abdomen firm and not twist your spines.

  1. The flag – la Bandera

The flag is one of the most challenging outdoor exercises to do. It requires not only strong back and spinal muscles but also an excellent level of muscle development in the arms and abs. However, if you are a beginner, you can start small. Try to strengthen your abs and improve your balance on the ground.

  1. Bridge exercise

Another tremendous back exercise you can do outdoors is the bridge. First of all, the bridge helps develop the mobility of the shoulder joint, allowing you to perform other exercises correctly. In addition, it strengthens the lower back area and improves the typical postural problem of excessive slouching.

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Other tips for beginners

Outdoor back workouts (especially in cold temperatures) should always start with a warm-up. It is not recommended to begin with technically challenging exercises without prior preparation; This can cause joint dislocation, muscle breakdown, or other sports injuries.

Start with an easier variation if you find it difficult to do regular pull-ups. For example, bend the knees or with the help of a partner.

These exercises can be performed in static mode for a specific time (such as abdominal planks ) and several repetitions. In the first case, we will talk about strengthening the red muscle fibers while repetitions strengthen the white muscle fibers.


Most outdoor back exercises can be done on a horizontal bar.

Pull-ups are an essential training exercise for beginners that increases muscle strength and mobility of the upper body joints.

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