Back Strengthening Exercises At Home - The 7 Best Exercises

The back is one of the largest muscle groups in the body, so it is often one of the main challenges in bodybuilding. Especially if you want to achieve it at home.

Without equipment, back strength exercises can be limited. However, at home with a pair of dumbbells and a barbell you can build your back without problems.

In this article you will see the best bodybuilding exercises for back at home.

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Back Bodybuilding – The 7 Best Exercises

A basic exercise to work the muscles of the back is the chin-up. To do them at home without the need for complex devices, and it will ensure a broad and masculine back.

To work your upper back, you can do dumbbell openings. For the lower and middle zone, paddles with elastic bands and hyperextensions. All of them can be executed without the need for devices.

If you are not sure how is the technique of each one, you should practice the exercises without additional weight. Here are the best bodybuilding exercises for the back:

1. Dumbbell row

The dumbbell row is a basic muscle-building back exercise. The key in the technique is to fix the abdomen and when raising it to tighten the shoulder blades well.

2. Dumbbell back raises

This is one of the best body building exercises for your upper back. The weight when doing this exercise should be light, as it engages the smaller back muscles.

3. Openings with elastic bands

Achieve the bodybuilding of your back with elastic bands? Yes of course. Elastic band exercises are great to do at home. It is economical equipment, takes up little space and is easy to use. This exercise is useful for working your upper back.

4. Rowing with elastic band

Another ideal bodybuilding exercise to do at home. To do this type of paddle you must attach the band to a heavy surface or a door. Make sure that when you pull your body stays steady.

5. Horizontal barbell row

The horizontal barbell row is a basic muscle-building exercise to achieve a strong, full back. You can also do it with dumbbells. However, his technique is somewhat complex to start with. If you are not sure how to do it at home, you should save it for later.

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6. Hyperextensions

An ideal exercise to strengthen the lower back. If you have a fitball at home, it is enough to do it. This exercise is simple so it is one of the best to achieve bodybuilding at home.

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7. Pull-ups

There is no doubt that pull-ups are one of the most complete bodybuilding exercises. To do it at home you only need a bar to hang on the door.

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How to stretch your back after exercises?

After a back strength routine, you should always stretch. This is the best way to avoid future low back pain and decompress the vertebrae. Here are 4 exercises to stretch your back.

1. Hunting dog exercise

On all fours with your back straight and your gaze down, extend one arm forward. Then stretch the opposite leg back. Hold this position for 10-20 seconds. This is one of the best static exercises , and it is ideal to finish a back muscle building routine.

2. Sphinx exercise

Lying on your stomach, tighten your abs, glutes, and thighs. Stretch your legs back. With the tension of the back muscles, lift the body a few inches up. Try to bring your shoulder blades together, and open your chest.

3. Cat back exercise

Starting position on all fours. With inspiration, slowly and carefully curve your spine upward, bringing your chest forward and looking straight ahead. Using your lower back muscles, gently bend your spine upward.

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The best back exercises at home are chin-ups, horizontal presses, and different variations of the row with bands and dumbbells.

To work on back muscle building at home, a beginner is advised to focus on technique. If you don’t know the exercises, you should avoid heavy loads.

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