How to start the gym and not leave? – Beginner’s guide

How to start the gym?

Starting the gym is a challenge for beginners. In the first step when starting a hypertrophy or bodybuilding routine , a series of errors are usually made both in the exercises and in the diet. The result: abandonment in less than 3 months. In Nutrition 360 we provide you with a complete beginner’s guide with the steps you must follow to start the gym. Ready to boost your metabolism?

When starting the gym, it is normal to feel ashamed and compare yourself with fitness and bodybuilding followers. A beginner usually begins by repeating what other people do. Going straight for basic multi-joint exercises is a serious mistake that can lead to all kinds of injuries.

8 tips to start the gym:

Making the decision to start the gym is only the first step in developing an athletic and muscular body. Continuity is the main thing for effective muscle gain. Here are 8 tips to start the gym and not leave:

1. Divide the muscle groups

10-12 reps of combining a large muscle group (back, chest, and legs) with a small muscle group (triceps, biceps, shoulders) is a traditional gym starter strategy. Large muscle groups require at least 48 hours to recover. (1) (4) The problem is that this type of training tends to bore a beginner. The good news is that after the adaptation comes the best part.

2. Don’t focus on feeling watched

It is important to be confident in doing the exercises for the first time, and not feel observed. Comparing yourself negatively to advanced athletes is only going to demotivate you. It is important to know that they, too, were once beginners. Being afraid of being criticized is going to be one of the obstacles that you must get rid of when starting the gym, forget about them.

3. Pay attention to what you eat

Eating healthy is essential for a beginner. It is essential not to give all the credit to the importance of proteins, and to make a correct balance between the 3 macronutrients: proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The latter are essential to restore muscle glycogen levels .

4, Determine your body somatotype

The body somatotype (ectomorph, endomorph, mesomorph) is the genetic predipposition of each person towards sport. The training and diet strategy for ectomorphs is completely different from that for an endomorph. This factor is of great help to improve your results.

5. Exercise with body weight

Isolated exercises like the bench press have been found to be just as effective as other exercises that use body weight. Pull- ups , push-ups and squats should be part of your routines if you want to give your muscles a boost .

6. Don’t go crazy about supplements

A mistake for a beginner to start the gym is to go crazy for raising the loads. Not only will this lead to joint injuries, but the pain will be so intense that you won’t want to come back. On the other hand, the use of sports supplements should be secondary. If you want to start somewhere to motivate yourself, we recommend the amino acids bcaa .

7. Don’t forget about cardio

Including at least 10 minutes of aerobic exercise at the end of your routines is a strategy recommended by sports professionals to improve muscle recovery. The second advantage is that your body fat percentage is on the decline.

8. Sleep well

Sleeping well is essential for proper muscle recovery. Choose the position to sleep well as well as allow yourself the necessary time; it is the key to success for strong and bulky muscles. The famous 8 hours are not an invention of the old generations. If you want to increase your muscle mass, be strict and sleep accordingly.

Can a lean teenager increase muscle mass?

The answer to whether a lean teenager can build muscle mass is a resounding yes. The main problem of a thin person is that his body is able to accumulate enough energy to hypertrophy.

This type of body is called an ectomorph, and they must follow a particular diet and training to increase muscle mass. We remember that a routine for adolescents should not include intense loads. Otherwise it can have permanent negative effects on increasing height at this important stage of life.

Finally, we do not recommend obsessing over concepts such as the metabolic window. Different investigations have confirmed that it is not the most important parameter for muscle development. Just as carrying out a low carbohydrate diet such as the ketogenic diet is strictly prohibited for a teenager who wants to increase muscle mass.

How to choose a gym?

One factor that is often overlooked by a beginner is choosing a gym that suits them. In NutritionUstad we propose 5 tips to choose the best gym and ensure motivation.

1- Distance

The results of starting the gym and not leaving it are better when the gym is close to your home, or your work. If you must take public transportation or walk more than 10 blocks, the desire to stay at home is likely to be stronger.

2- Schedule

Rule number two for choosing a gym is: the longer the better. Maybe one day you wake up without wanting to go in the morning but there is always that desire to release tension after work. If your gym has extended hours, the probabilities that you are not absent increase x 2.

3- Who are you going to go with?

Determining who to go to the gym with is a key factor to give continuity. When you are tired it is likely that a teammate will push you back to the courts. When starting the gym, why not invite a colleague from work or study?

4- Personnel in charge

If you are not one of the privileged few who can hire a personal trainer. Pay particular attention to who the staff is in charge of the gym. When taking a tour of the facilities, check if the teachers correct the exercise technique and help in the routine of each person.

5- Temperature

The but not least : the temperature. When a gym does not have any type of technology to regulate the temperature, sweat invades the equipment. Not only will it decrease your performance, but it will cause the negative experience of unwanted odors in your routines.


  • In a guide for beginners who have decided to start the gym, the fundamental thing is to accompany the routines with a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Taking the necessary time of rest for a correct muscular recovery, as well as sleeping well are two basic rules when starting the gym.
  • A lean teenager is able to increase muscle mass with the selection of a suitable diet and physical exercise routines. In fact, it is the key life stage for muscle development.

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