Arm Routine - Exercises to Do at Home

Working your arms at home may sound complicated, but it is possible.

An arm routine at home should be focused not only on the work of the biceps and triceps but also on the muscles of the shoulders. This is the best way to achieve significant, solid, and proportionate arms.

In this material, you will find the best exercises to work the muscles of the arms at home. The training routine can be adapted for both beginners and advanced athletes.

How to exercise your arms at home?

The secret of an arm routine at home is the correct combination of functional exercises with isolation exercises.

Also, the frequency of training plays an important role. Even professionals are not recommended to work arms more than twice a week.

The total duration of an arm workout should not exceed 40 – 50 minutes. Otherwise, there is a risk of overtraining that, in the long term, will negatively affect recovery and muscle growth.

It is essential to develop the neuromuscular connection between the limbs and the brain in an arm routine. This will help improve exercise results and prevent potential sports injuries.

//  How to work your arms at home:

  • Routine for components: 2 times a week
  • Whole-body routine three times a week
  • One day a week of maximum strength

Example of a routine for arms at home

To train your arms from home, the idea is that you have a pair of dumbbells. If you do not have them, you can use elastic bands, or in some exercises, you can replace them with bottles of water or sand.

Here is an example of an arm routine to do at home:

  1. Chest pushups

The pushups are a classic exercise to warm the arms and the rest of the upper body. Starting an arm routine at home with pushups is ideal; you can do them with crossed bands on your back.

  1. The curl of biceps with elastic bands

Elastic bands are inexpensive and practical equipment. They are one of the best tools for working arms at home. The best in these cases are thin, thick tapes with more excellent resistance.

  1. Triceps pulley with elastic bands

Exercising the triceps is the best way to increase the volume of the arms. It is the triceps muscles that account for approximately 70% of the total mass of the upper extremities. Does difficulty finding exercise to work triceps at home? You can hook a band in one part and do extensions, be sure to keep your elbows tight and close to your body.

  1. Front Dumbbell Curls

A classic exercise to work biceps with dumbbells. At the top of the movement, make sure the dumbbells are at shoulder height, and your arms don’t drift forward. Do not exceed a weight greater than 10 kg on each side for a beginner.

  1. Banking funds

The fund’s banks are an exercise for the triceps, working shoulders secondarily. This exercise can be done almost anywhere, so it can be done at home and has different variations to suit your fitness level. Bench dips are one of the best exercises to strengthen the back of your arms.

  1. Alternating Biceps Curl

Alternating curls allow you to work your biceps from different angles. Hold the dumbbells for a second at the bottom of the exercise, then, with complete control of the arm muscles, lift the weight. Use your legs for support.

  1. Bench triceps extensions

Doing dumbbell extensions works the long and lateral parts of the triceps. When bringing the arms back, check that there is no deviation in the spine.

Side flight flights or lateral raises are the best exercises to widen the shoulders. Please include them in a routine at home to give your upper arms a rounded shape.

  1. Dumbbell press

The dumbbell press is an ideal exercise to give an asymmetrical shape to the arms. It is an alternative to the military barbell press to do at home.

How are the muscles of the arms formed?

The muscles of the arms do not represent about 10% of the body’s total muscle mass.

The main muscles of the arms are the biceps and triceps. The biceps is a double flexor muscle attached to the shoulder and the elbow. The triceps is a triple extensor muscle that occupies the back surface of the hands.

The different areas must be worked at different angles to work the arms correctly—for example, alternate between incline and front bicep curls. The situation with the triceps is similar: the exercises with high pulleys work the outer zone, while the pushups serve to exercise the middle triceps.

How to learn to feel the arms?

The easiest way to learn to feel your arm muscles is to do isolation exercises with moderate weight. The main emphasis of the practice should be to execute a comprehensive and controlled movement.

Although to increase the volume of the arms, it is essential to increase the weight progressively. It is even more important to learn to feel the components and the exercises’ correct techniques.

One of the best exercises to learn to feel your arms, particularly your biceps, is seated and standing barbell or dumbbell curls. This exercise consists of fixing the elbows and the feet and concentrating on only raising the weight with the biceps.


  • To work your arms at home, you can do exercises with bodyweight bars, dumbbells, and elastic bands.
  • A beginner is always advised to supplement the isolation routine with a full-body performance.
  • This is the basis for achieving increased arm strength and volume simultaneously.
  • To achieve muscular hypertrophy of the arms, the idea is to complement the routine with a meal and rest.


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