Fat Burning Plan For Women - Sample Routine And Eating Schedule

Fat Burning Plan For Women – Sample Routine And Eating Schedule

An excellent plan to burn fat for women should gradually complement exercise with adequate nutrition.

On the one hand, you have to start burning that excess fat. The healthiest and most effective way to do this is to reduce the number of calories you eat slightly.

When it comes to exercises, the best ones use large amounts of energy. So one of the exercises that can not be missing in a routine for women is burpees.

On the other hand, once you have burned the fat, it is essential to increase the tone of the abdominal muscles, the buttocks, and the hips. This is accomplished through strength exercises such as the barbell deadlift.

Read on to find out what an excellent fat-burning plan for women should look like.

How to burn fat? – Plan for women

An eating plan that will help you burn fat faster should include a caloric deficit. If you don’t balance the amount of energy that goes into a downward balance, your body can’t get rid of excess fat.

If you also combine a slightly low calorie diet with intermittent fasting, the results will be enhanced. In addition to burning fat, studies have confirmed that fasting is effective in resetting and strengthening the immune system, as well as reducing the chances of certain types of cancer and renewing the cells of the body. (1,2)

After you burn fat, you should start to tone your body. Including an exercise plan to work the abdominal muscles allows you to tone that excess skin and achieve a narrower waist.

Fat Burning Workout Routine For Women

The fat-burning workout for women below is a combination of cardio and light-weight exercises that can be done both at the gym and home.

The duration of training should not be more than 60 minutes, and it is recommended to train at least 2-3 times a week. An example of a fat-burning exercise routine for women is:

  1. Bodyweight squats

One of the best exercises to warm up the upper body. The hands should be placed behind the head and the abs tight. As you exhale, lower yourself slowly as if you would sit on a chair. Hold the position for 1 second and go up.

3 sets – 10-12 reps

  1. Sit-ups with fitball

An exercise to burn fat and strengthen the lower abdomen simultaneously. As you exhale, withdraw your hands with the ball back; while inhaling, slowly squeeze your core and bring your hands together with your legs.

Four sets – 12-15 reps

  1. Donkey kicks

An exercise improves balance and strengthens the buttocks, abdomen, and legs. Lift the leg at 90 degrees with the knee on the exhale. The pelvis and shoulders must remain fixed.

4 sets – 12-15 reps

  1. Burpees

Burpees are one of the exercises that use the most energy per minute. That is why you can not miss a plan to burn fat. Read more: how to do a burpee routine to lose weight.

4 sets – 8 reps

  1. Climbing

One of the best exercises to work the legs. It allows the toning of the muscles of the posterior area and the quadriceps. To burn more fat, you can increase the intensity of using dumbbells on the sides.

4 sets – 12-15 reps

  1. Abdominal planks

To increase fat burning results, it is recommended to include abdominal planks at the end of the training plan. The most common mistake in women is to shift the load from the upper area to the lower back.

1 minute – 3 reps

How to remove belly fat in women?

The main reason for the increase in excess belly fat in women is the excessive consumption of saturated animal fats and simple carbohydrates. These foods should be avoided on a fat burning meal plan.

The combination of poor food choices with a sedentary lifestyle causes the accumulation of belly fat in women. It is not news that the higher the average level of physical activity, the less visceral fat accumulates.

The time when the female metabolism is similar to the male’s is at the beginning of the menstrual cycle. (3) During this period, minimal estrogen levels allow the body to use carbohydrates as an energy source more efficiently. To burn more fat, these days, women are recommended to do strength exercises.

Feeding plans for women

The most traditional fasting method is the 16/8 diet. This plan is to refuse breakfast. The first meal must be at noon, and dinner must be before 8 pm.

The keto diet is also suitable for burning fat. However, it should always be executed with the assistance of a professional. Otherwise, you will not only be able to eliminate body fat, but symptoms or side effects may appear.

Exercises that target large muscle groups like the barbell deadlift and squats are ideal, not only for burning fat but also for strengthening the glutes and giving them a more rounded shape.

In a man’s body, the difference in testosterone levels makes the fat-burning processes tend to be more active than in women’s bodies. (3)

An example of a menu plan for women is described below:

Feeding menu plan for women
Intake Plato
Breakfast Black coffee
pancake Apple 1 unit
Nuts 20 g
Jam without added sugar 10 g
Lunch Sole or tuna filet 140 g
Olive oil 30 mL
Roasted potatoes 150 g
Fresh herbsSnack 1 fruit
Afternoon snack Low
fat yogurt 200mL Berries
30 g
Whole wheat toast 2 units
Lean cheese 20 g
price Red lentils 80 g
Coconut oil 20 g
Buckwheat 80 g
Chicken breast 140 g
Sugar-free flan

Can you burn fat at home?

The easiest way to burn fat at home is to use the exercise examples above in the form of a circular training plan.

The basis is to perform the program’s exercises one after another with a minimum of rest until the end of the cycle. For this type of training, it is recommended to do 3 to 10 processes of exercises, with a rest of 1-3 minutes exclusively between circuits.

By exercising with minimal interruptions, you deplete muscle glycogen stores. This, in turn, forces the body to use fat as its primary fuel and increases the level of lactic acid and growth hormone.

What is the best heart rate for burning fat?

Studies show that fat burns faster when working in the heart zone to burn pulse fat. The limit is 60-70% of the maximum respiratory capacity.

For example, for an average woman of 30 years, the ideal number of pulsations to burn fat is 115-130 per minute. A workout at this heart rate is the safest for your health and allows a significant calorie expenditure.

In-circuit training mode, the heart rate may be higher. While it is an effective method of burning fat faster, it can put an undue load on the heart.

Perform the program exercises in circular mode; the pulsations exceed 130 beats per minute; it is recommended to perform the activities as usual: 3-4 series and 1-minute rest between series.


A training plan to burn fat in the abdomen, hips, and buttocks should include exercises that target large muscle groups. Beginning women are advised to work at a heart rate that does not exceed the aerobic zone.

The exercises with bodyweight as Burpee have the advantage of being done both in the gym and at home. The best diet plans to burn fat fast are the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting.

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