Firm and strong glutes - The 5 best exercises to increase volume

Having firm and robust glutes is usually one of the first goals when starting the gym.

While some people are lucky and can build gluteal muscle mass quickly and naturally with a couple of exercises.

Others tend to have weak legs and need to include muscle hypertrophy exercises and a wide variety of routines to increase the volume of the buttocks.

The good news: building as firm and strong glutes as possible. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never worked them or how old you are. The most important thing to increase the volume of the buttocks is to be constant with the exercises and supplement with an adequate diet.

This article describes the best exercises to increase the volume of the buttocks and strengthen your thighs.

How to have firm buttocks? – Method for women

The answer to building solid and firm glutes is spot training. To increase the volume of the tail, a day of legs is not enough. It is best to take time for an entire day to work your glutes and complement it in the week with cardio sessions.

If you can’t go to the gym, you can work them out with a glute routine with elastic bands.

The buttocks are not made up of only one muscle, but it is a muscle group of 3—the primary, middle and minor glutes. The three muscles must be worked separately to achieve solid and firm buttocks and obtain that rounded shape characteristic of elite athletes.

In addition, practicing running, walking a sufficient number of steps per day, or cycling to work are exercises that, in the long term, will allow you to tone your buttocks without realizing it.

Pilates and yoga are lower impact exercises and help give strength but not bulk to this muscle group.

The best exercises to work the volume of the buttocks

Naturally, when these muscles are not worked, they lose strength, and as a result, sagging buttocks appear with little volume. The critical thing to having firm glutes is to train them little by little; patience and perseverance are the keys.

If exercise is also combined with a volume diet, do not doubt that in a matter of months, firm and muscular buttocks will appear. However, it would help if you didn’t fool yourself into trying to strengthen your glutes by killing yourself with squats at the gym and then going for a Mcdonald’s combo as a prize.

The five best exercises to work the volume of the buttocks are described below:

  1. Deadlift Barbell

The barbell deadlift is one of the best exercises to increase glute volume. The key to deadlifting is to focus on movement technique and progressively increase the weight.

The deadlift is an excellent exercise for developing solid and firm glutes. It also allows the working of the back muscles and the stabilizing muscles of the core or middle zone in a secondary way.

While it is not an easy glute exercise (you will have to exert yourself and sweat a bit), the results will be worth it. Virtually no training can compare to deadlifting in its effectiveness in achieving plump, firm, and strong glutes.

2. Barbell squats

Barbell squats are one of the essential exercises for proportional development of the volume of the buttocks. Squats increase muscle mass in the back of the legs.

Squats can be done with a barbell, dumbbells, weightless, or even kettlebells. The best type of squat to work your glutes is sumo squats.

Before doing deadlifts or squats, you should perform at least two warm-up exercises. Otherwise, you are at risk for lower back injuries.

Hip raises lifts are a low-impact exercise to work the volume of the glutes. As seen in the video, the legs must be kept firm, perpendicular, and forming 90 degrees with the ground.

Make sure to start on the floor and lift your hips with the tension of your abdomen, forming a bridge with your legs.

The legs should always be lifted, tensioning the glutes at the movement’s top. An advanced athlete can add additional weight to the abdominal area. This will bring better results in volume development.

  1. Donkey kicks

Donkey kicks are an exercise for the glutes that stands out for working the area of ​​the middle and lower muscles. It is one of the best exercises to ensure firm and robust buttocks with volume.

The correct technique for this glute exercise is to get on all fours, with your feet and your back straight. The abdominals should be firm and provide stability to the body.

The arms are located with an opening of the same width as the shoulders. The hands are fixed so as not to pass the height of the shoulders.

With the strength of the buttocks, the leg should be extended upwards. The abdominals must be activated to avoid tilts. Including weights in the feet will allow you to develop firm, solid, and with greater volume faster buttocks.

5. Jump squats

This variation of squats is ideal for toning the different areas of the glutes. We do not recommend this exercise for people who have any knee injury or for those who have problems with impact exercises.

The advantage of this exercise is that the cardiovascular system is stimulated secondarily. This allows you to burn fat and simultaneously develop strong and toned, firm buttocks.

Why is it so challenging to increase the volume of the buttocks?

Developing firm and robust glutes is problematic not only because they are covered by a layer of fat but because they are a muscle that we are not used to working on.

Like the abdominal muscles, the buttocks play a stabilizing role in the body. Increasing the volume of the buttocks requires time and dedication.

Including static exercises is essential to work the slow fibers and improve the strength indicators of the buttocks.

If you do not activate and exercise over time, you can only expect flabby buttocks with little volume.

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How to increase the volume of the buttocks without going to the gym?

Not everyone is the lucky one who can hit the gym at least three days a week. If you are not one of them, below you can see five tips to tone and increase the volume of the buttocks:

  1. Avoid the elevator

Not using the elevator is always an easy and convenient option to achieve firm and robust glutes. With this measure, you save not only time but also energy. Although it may seem absurd, going upstairs is a significant step toward increasing the volume of the buttocks. When climbing, remember not to hunch or twist your back.

  1. Walk more

Walking more is one of the simplest methods to strengthen your glutes without going to the gym. The key when walking is to squeeze the tail with each step. Although at the beginning this task can be tedious, after the first month, you will do it without practically realizing it. In addition, studies confirm that one of the benefits of walking is to relieve tension and reduce anxiety. (5)

  1. Go to work by bicycle

Riding a bike is one of the best exercises to have firm glutes. By going to work by bicycle, you will save time and money, but you will also be investing in your health. The ideal is to pedal standing up to work the glutes and increase the volume. In this way, you will rest the front muscles of the legs, and you will feel the work of the glutes even more.

  1. Short races

Short runs or sprints outdoors are one of the best glute exercises. When have you been able to notice a runner with sagging glutes? In addition, in a sprint, the power and volume of the legs are worked.

  1. Outdoor fitness

Outdoor fitness is one of the most effective ways to strengthen your legs. You take about 30-40 minutes a day to develop firm and robust buttocks. In addition, if you are lucky enough to expose yourself to the sun, you will ensure a correct synthesis of vitamin D.

Benefits of having firm buttocks

The benefits of having firm and muscular buttocks are:


One of the problems of a sedentary lifestyle is a stooped and downward posture. Strengthening the gluteal muscles is an excellent solution to improve and prevent low back pain.


Firm and strong buttocks with volume are essential to avoid sports injuries to the back. When these muscles are weak, certain areas, such as the lower back, usually take the extra load.


The glutes are one of the largest groups in the body. The gluteus maximus can generate enormous strength and power when running. Performing exercises to strengthen and increase the volume of the buttocks is key to improving the speed and muscle strength of the legs.


Bone density begins to decrease after the age of 30. In old age, it is what is known as osteoporosis disease. Doing volume exercises for the buttocks is essential to strengthen the muscles and prevent this.


The glutes are a large muscle group. Exercising regularly consumes a lot of calories. Therefore, exercising this muscle group is the first thing to do. To mark the abdomen and eliminate body fat, having firm and muscular buttocks with volume should be number 1 on the list of priorities.

Buttocks with cellulite – What to do?

Cellulite in women is a problem that usually worries even more than developing volume. However, according to science, it is entirely normal.

Obsessing over removing cellulite is pointless. The magazine-typical strong, firm glutes usually have years and years of training. Focus on bulking up and supplement with HIIT exercises to achieve better results.


The glutes are one of the largest muscle groups in the body. Including exercises to work them is not only beneficial to increase your volume but also provides health benefits.

The best exercises to bulk up and strengthen your glutes are deadlifts, squats, donkey kicks, and hip lifts.

One of the benefits of having firm and robust buttocks is correcting poor posture and higher basal energy expenditure.

To have plump, firm, and robust buttocks, it is not necessary to train every day in the gym.

Making changes in habits like avoiding the elevator, riding a bike to work, or going for a walk help you achieve a more toned butt.


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