Abs Routine For Men - The Best Exercises To Achieve The Six-Pack

An excellent abdominal routine is the best method to achieve a six-pack. The best way to work the abs and mark them is to combine the performance with a proper diet to tone.

For men, marking the abs is more accessible because they have higher testosterone levels than women. However, if you want to achieve the six-pack, you need work and dedication.

This article describes an example of a men’s abs routine to score a six-pack. Different exercises allow you to work the other abdomen areas from all angles.

How to mark the abs? – Method for men

The core abdominal is one of the largest and most complex muscle groups. The best way to work your abs and achieve the six-pack is to alternate the routine with static, dynamic, and isolation exercises.

A characteristic pain can be felt when the abdominals are worked well, signifying that the exercises are done correctly.


Example of abs routine for men

To achieve muscle hypertrophy of the abdominals, isolation exercises to stimulate the muscle fibers are needed.

Like any other muscle group, the abdominals must be worked with weights or discs. Fitness professionals include at least one whole day of exercises like this for abs.

A beginner should focus on bodyweight exercises and work the abs with the technique to dial in the abs. Errors in the process are one of the leading causes of cervical sports injuries and lower back pain in men. Here’s a six-pack abs routine:


The abdominal planks are an essential exercise that can never be missing in a routine for men. It is considered an ideal static exercise to start the training. They allow working the resistance and strength of the red muscle fibers.


The crunches are essential exercises to work the rectus abs. When lifting the body, you should exhale and keep your back straight.



Lying on your back, tense your abdominal muscles and lift your legs toward your chest. At the top of the movement, you should exhale and hold 1 two seconds. Action must be controlled.



A variation on traditional crunches to work your oblique abs. A beginner is recommended to rest his hands on his torso to learn to feel the muscular contractions of the abdomen.



Roller crunches are considered one of the best abs exercises for men. This is because it is complete; it involves the work of all the abdominal core muscles.



To achieve the six-pack, you must alternate between dynamic and static exercises. The dynamic abdominal planks allow you to define the abdomen lines better. The arm should be stretched forward; with the help of the breath, tighten the abdomen and bring the elbows towards the knees.



The scissors planks are one of the best abdominal exercises to work the lateral area comprehensively. The starting position is the same as traditional planks with arms extended. Tensioning the abdomen, slowly turn the leg to the side. Avoid overuse of the hips.



An essential exercise to achieve the six-pack. In a more significant proportion, the oblique and lower muscles are worked. The technique consists of bringing the knee towards the opposite elbow.



An example of exercises to develop the typical six-pack of a calisthenics routine. This type of exercise is ideal for improving strength and marking the abdomen in advanced athletes.


How to mark the six-pack?

How often do you work your abs?

It is recommended to work the abdominals 3-4 times a week. Ideally, start the routine with at least 1-2 static and 1-2 dynamic exercises as a physical warm-up. A typical gym three days per week should include abdominal exercises to prevent injury.

To mark the abdomen, it is recommended that one day a week be dedicated exclusively to working the abdominals. This will allow you to achieve a six-pack with volume that most men set as a goal when they start the gym.

On the other hand, the abdominal muscles need at least 48 hours to complete muscle recovery. To mark the abdomen and achieve the six-pack, both men and women must respect the rest times.

Effectiveness of abdominal exercises What is the best to mark the six-pack?

To determine the best abdominal exercises, a study (3) has checked their effectiveness in the development and muscular work of the abdominal core.

In this study, a coefficient of effectiveness of 100 was assigned to the frontal abdominal planks and higher or lower values ​​to the rest. The work results on the abdomen can be seen in the table below.

Table of work effectiveness of the frontal muscles

1. “Bicicleta” – Bicycle Maneuver248
2. Fixed bar leg raises – Hanging leg raise212
3. Sit – ups on the ball – Excercise ball139
4. Leg and pelvic raises – Leg raise129
5. Wheel crunches – Torso track127
6. Abdominal curl with straight arms – Long arm crunch119
7. Inverted Crunches – Reverse Crunch109
8. Sit-ups on the Ab Roller machine – Ab Roller105
9. Plank face down – Plank100
10. Sit-ups on the Ab Rocker Machine – Ab Rocker21

The abdominal exercises wheel show higher results than traditional crunches. However, there are even more effective exercises like bicycle crunches.

An abdominal routine for men should include exercises that work both the lower and upper abdomen. Static activities are great as a physical warm-up exercise.

To achieve the volume of the abdomen, at least one day a week should be included exclusively to work abdominals. The best six-pack exercises are front and side planks, wheel crunches, bike crunches, and isolation exercises with discs.


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