How to use an exercise bike to lose weight at home

The exercise bike is one of the most effective tools for losing weight and improving cardiovascular health.

A regular exercise bike workout expends 300 to 800 kcal per hour and is beneficial for strengthening the lower body muscles. In addition, unlike a treadmill, the exercise bike does not impact the knees.

Read on to learn how to use an exercise bike at home, as this exercise helps.

Exercise bike: What is it for?

An exercise bike is a device that reproduces the pedaling mechanics of a standard bicycle. The main advantage is that the stationary bike allows you to train at a higher or lower intensity depending on the selected exercise mode without leaving home.

The main muscles that work on the exercise bike are the leg muscles, the largest group of muscles in the body. Although it also serves to work in the middle zone.

Using an exercise bike, it is not only possible to burn a high amount of calories, which helps with weight loss. But it also helps prevent joint wear and tear, regulate blood sugar, and strengthen the heart.

What is the exercise bike for:

  • Strengthen the muscles of the legs and buttocks
  • Improve the respiratory and cardiovascular system
  • Lower blood sugar levels
  • It is low impact and does not compromise the joints

Types of exercise bike

There are three types of exercise bikes: upright, horizontal (with backrest), and high speed (“fast bikes”). There are also bike racks that allow you to fix the bike in a stationary position. The most compact and cheapest are the vertical models.

The cost of exercise bikes also depends on the type of flywheel used: magnetic or strap. Magnetic machines are more expensive, perform better (break less), and are quiet. Belted bikes are the cheapest, and their main disadvantages are their poor durability and few levels or programs.

How to use the exercise bike to lose weight at home?

An exercise bike is ideal for losing weight at home; you can pedal while watching TV. The minimum 30-40 minutes of training required per day to reap its weight loss benefits pass almost imperceptibly.

However, the ideal way to lose weight is to use the exercise bike while staying in the heart rate zone for fat burning, the equivalent of 130 beats per minute.

The two most common training modes for exercise bike weight loss at home are long and short sessions. In the first case, you need to practice 3-4 times a week for 30-50 minutes, pedaling at a medium speed.

In the second case, the workouts are reduced to 15-20 minutes, and you need to pedal using the HIIT interval technique at maximum intensity.

We remember that to lose weight, it is necessary to do cardio and monitor nutrition. In particular, it is recommended to reduce the number of refined carbohydrates and also to ensure that there is a caloric deficit.

How many calories are expended?

As with a standard bicycle, the exercise bike burns between 300 and 600 kcal per hour. The exact figure depends on the person’s weight and the speed and intensity of the session.

The faster you pedal, the greater the load and the more calories you burn. In addition, you can burn calories in the recovery period: an additional 100-200 kcal.

The following describes how many calories are expended when using the exercise bike:

  • Weighing 50 kg in 1 hour
  • 150-230 kcal at a speed of 9-15 km / h
  • 240-350 kcal at a rate of 15-20 km / h
  • 450-500 kcal at a rate of 20-25 km / h
  • With a weight of 85 kg, 1 hour:
  • 300-420 kcal at a speed of 9-15 km / h
  • 400-490 kcal at a rate of 15-20 km / h
  • 500-800 kcal at a rate of 20-25 km / h


How to do an exercise bike correctly?

The first rule of thumb for exercising on a stationary bike to lose weight is regularity. You will need 3 to 4 workouts per week, 30 to 50 minutes each, to lose weight. The pulse rate should not exceed 60-70% of the maximum (depending on the age and fitness level of the person).

After every 15-20 minutes spent on the exercise bike, it is recommended to take a short break. If your physical condition allows it, you can include exercises with bodyweight – abdominals—squats, and push-ups from the floor.

Using an exercise bike in this way is perfect for strengthening your abs.

An alternative exercise bike plan for weight loss is HIIT or Tabata High-Intensity Interval Training. For the first 3-5 minutes, you need to pedal at a medium pace (for warm-up), then interspersed intervals at intensity (faster). In total, 20 minutes.

Alternating intervals of different intensities is a more effective weight-loss method than monotonous training at a medium pace for an hour. The difference is that the body has to adapt to changes using both fast and slow muscle fibers.

Training plan to use an exercise bike to lose weight:

  1. Traditional – 3-4 workouts per week, 30-50 minutes at a medium pace
  2. HIIT warm-up – 3 minutes at low intensity, 3 minutes at high power, 15-20 minutes controlling the heart rate at 60-70% of maximum.


Other tips

It is essential to know that the exercise bike serves not only for weight loss by burning calories but also through positive changes in metabolism.

In particular, the sensitivity of body tissues to insulin improves, blood sugar levels normalize, and the amount of triglycerides decreases.

Keep in mind that high-intensity workouts have several contraindications. They are not suitable for uncontrolled cardiovascular disease or diabetes and are contraindicated for high blood pressure.


The exercise bike is one of the most effective tools for losing weight. Pedaling burns calories during workouts and involves strengthening your leg and abdominal muscles. Advantages of a stationary bike include minimal pressure on your knees and joints, as well as benefits for the cardiovascular system.

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