body mass index

What is body mass index?

The body mass index (BMI) – is a coefficient that allows for evaluating whether a person is in a safe weight range for health.

The BMI formula was obtained experimentally by the Belgian scientist Adolf Quetelet in 1869. (2)

BMI is calculated by dividing body weight in kilograms over the cube of height in meters (BMI = m / h 2 ).

When the objective is to eliminate body fat, the BMI is not the best index to consider. Deviations have been found mainly in people with heights greater than 1.80 m. (1) However, it is still an easy formula to apply and use in nutrition due to its simplicity.

The following article details what the BMI is for and how to lower its values.

High and average low BMI values

Before lowering the body mass index, you have to know when it is necessary. Ideal BMI values ​​are 18-25. A coefficient less than 18 indicates a bodyweight deficit.

A body mass index of 25-30 is considered overweight. When it is higher than 30, it is translated as obesity (3). To see it more clearly, you can look at the following table:

When counting the figure outside the range, we recommend the following strategy to lower the body mass index.

How do lower the body mass index? – 7 steps

Lowering your body mass index is not as easy as it sounds; however, it is possible. Here’s how to reduce your body mass index step by step:

  1. Limit simple carbohydrates

Limiting simple carbohydrates is the first step in lowering your body mass index. Reducing the sugar and honey from the diet softens the hormonal levels related to hunger, especially the stories of the hormones insulin and leptin. Excess sugar in the diet is safe for a high body mass index. International organizations such as FAO and WHO recommend that 5-10% of total calories come from this energy source. (4)

  1. Eat complex carbohydrates

The concept of carbohydrates, yes, or carbohydrates, does not generate confusion in the majority of the population. Cutting carbohydrates is not the healthiest in terms of nutrition. To lower your BMI, you have to eat complex carbohydrates. Which are contained in vegetables, cereals, and pseudo-cereals: quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat. This type of carbohydrate delivers energy slowly, thus eliminating anxiety when eating.

  1. Limit trans and saturated fats

Trans fats and saturated fats are the enemies to lower body mass index. Trans are found in fried foods, as well as in industrial products with hydrogenated vegetable fats. Saturated ones are found in butter and animal meats. According to the WHO, trans fats should not exceed 2% of total fats, the equivalent of 2 g, saturated fats a maximum of 10%, and 10 g. (1)

  1. Limit your salt intake

Salt consumption should be a maximum of 5 grams per day. (1) This quantity includes salt added to food and camouflaged in a wide variety of products. We recommend avoiding cold cuts, unhealthy snacks, and fast food to achieve this.

  1. Physical training

To lower the body mass index, physical training is essential. If you are not one of those who like to exercise, the idea is to start with aerobic sports at moderate intensity. Adding the bonus of doing them outdoors will lower your body mass index and improve your mood.

  1. Regulate the hours of sleep

People who sleep less than 7 hours tend to have a high body mass index. Also, getting a good night’s sleep helps improve hormone levels and be more productive. Controlling the hours of sleep and lowering the body mass index has the extra benefit of improving health.

  1. Continuity

The last step in lowering your body mass index is continuing your new habits. Carrying out healthy eating rules is the best way to avoid unnecessary trips to the doctor. Weighting foods with high nutritional value is essential.

Other tips to lower your body mass index.

  • If you are one of those addicted to coffee or a smoker, you should consider eliminating these two habits. People who smoke and overdose on caffeine tend to have a higher body mass index.
  • Don’t expect results in a week. Lowering your body fat index takes time and dedication; it’s all on your mind.
  • Let your closest relationships know that you are in this process. Putting shame aside is essential to achieving your goals. The social sphere has a significant influence on maintaining good eating habits.
  • Don’t waste enormous amounts of money on fat-burning supplements. Fat burners can be effective in the short term, but they have a long list of side effects; lowering the body mass index without the need for these is possible.

How to lower the body fat index without suffering in the process? The answer is simple: peace of mind, dedication, and starting over when you stray. We remember that the assistance of a professional nutritionist can enhance the results.

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