Sitting for a long time makes you fat.

Scrolling Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are one of the new habits that we usually do these days; if we add it to the hours we spend in front of the computer, it can be more than 9 hours of a sedentary lifestyle, even more than the ones you sleep.

Modern conveniences have adapted us to spend most of our time sitting. According to the NCBI, the lack of physical activity and the consumption of simple carbohydrates are the leading causes of overweight and obesity. (1)

It is a fact that sitting for long periods in front of the computer makes you fat.

However, everything has a solution. This article proposes the seven best exercises and what you have to eliminate from your diet not to get fat if you spend a lot of time sitting.

Sitting for a long time makes you fat.

Think about how long you spend sitting during the day, in the car, on the bus, in the subway, studying, or working: it will probably be most of the day.

The good news: you are always on time to reverse the situation. If you don’t want to gain those extra kilos, start moving.

Even small habits like going for a walk at rest time and exercising at home are habits that will keep you active and help you lose weight.

On the other hand, according to a study done in 2010, excess sugar in the body is another of the leading causes of making you fat. (2) In order not to gain weight, the key is to avoid sweets, sugary jams, and bakery products.

The cause that sugar makes you fat is not because of its calorie intake but because it alters hormonal levels and causes a person to eat more. It is not news that if you eat sugar and sit for long hours of the day, you begin to gain weight.

The worst combination to gain weight: sitting all day + lousy position in front of the computer

As much as you spend sitting all day, do you consider yourself an expert in this task? Indeed the answer is no. Most of the population bend their back in the office and keep their necks down.

Aligning the spine is essential to avoid having typical neck and neck pain.

If you must stay seated most of the day, improve your position in front of the computer. While this does not guarantee that you will not gain weight, at least make sure of the health of your back.

Stretching regularly can remind you of your sitting posture.

30 minutes of daily exercise can keep you from getting fat

With just 30 minutes of daily exercise, from walking to simple cardio exercises at home, they can make a difference in your body weight. Make sure you do them simultaneously, so your brain gets used to it, and put that laziness of setting aside.

Below you can see seven exercises to do if you spend most of the day sitting:

WalkIf you have a job that you can move from while doing your tasks, keep moving as much as you can. Studies claim that keeping you moving is directly related to better brain function and concentration. (3)

Walking 30 minutes a day at a good intensity will make you feel more focused and in a better mood. When walking, you keep your back straight, chest forward, and gaze up; this is essential to improve your possible poor posture from sitting for a long time.

  1. Push-ups

Push-ups are an ideal bodyweight exercise for strengthening your upper body. Also, they work for several muscle groups simultaneously; they are suitable for not gaining weight if you spend sitting.

Three sets of 15 repetitions of this exercise are sufficient. If you are a beginner in training, you can even do more specific push-ups, such as against the wall or on your knees.

  1. Squat bodyweight

The squats are a simple exercise to strengthen the critical leg and buttock. By doing squats, you also work the middle muscles of the body – the abdominal region and the lower back.

It is enough to prevent you from gaining weight like the push-ups with three sets of 15 repetitions as a brake at work. Make sure you keep your back

  1. Funds or dips

The bottoms or dips is an exercise that can be done almost anywhere; what you need: Two sturdy surfaces, two chairs, a ladder, or even two sturdy desks. When doing dips, always keep your arms against your torso and begin to lower yourself slowly.

If you spend most of the time sitting, your arms probably have little strength; this is a simple and effective exercise to achieve solid and firm components.

  1. Jump rope (no rope)

Jumping rope is one of the favorite exercises in boxing to improve coordination. You may not have a jump rope or enough space, so it is not one of the exercises you would choose to do at home and not gain weight.

Why not pretend that you have a rope in your hands and start jumping? With 10 minutes of jumping the imaginary rope, you will be burning about 150 Kcal, so this is one of the best exercises to avoid gaining weight if you spend most of the day sitting. Remember to keep your abdomen tight if you want to improve results in toning your abs.

  1. Lunges

Lunges are practical exercises to do both at home and in the office. The key to this exercise is to keep your abdomen firm and not go sideways. With one leg in front of the other, as if you wanted to ask your computer to marry you, or with your back straight, you should go up and down in a controlled way.

Because they involve two of the largest muscle groups in the body (legs and abdomen), they use a lot of calories, so they help avoid gaining weight.

  1. Exercises with fitball

The fitness ball or football is an ideal tool for those who spend most of the day sitting down. They are helpful not only for exercising but for sitting itself.

Its price is low, and its durability is extensive, so together with the elastic bands, they are one of the best tools to move around at home. If you are not familiar with football, you can check the football routine at home.

Other tips to avoid gaining weight if you spend most of the day sitting

If you are not a fan of exercising at home and you spend most of the day sitting down, you can follow these tips to avoid gaining weight:

  1. Start riding a bike

Riding a bike is one of the best aerobic exercises out there. Because they have virtually no impact on the joints, they are suitable for both older adults and beginners in the sport.

If you also choose to go to work by bicycle, you will save yourself stressful moments in traffic jams and money and invest in health.

According to Japanese research, riding a bike is an excellent strategy to relieve anxiety and other stress-related diseases. In particular, if you have the advantage of exercising in green areas, forests, or parks. If you want results in your mood and body, buy a bike and start pedaling.

  1. Walk-in your break time

The break time is essential to relax the brain and start the second round of your work. However, there are days when you can feel overwhelmed and don’t feel like anything.

The solution goes to a park, walk, and sunbathe; you will notice your body’s immediate changes in vitamin D.

Staying moving and exercising regularly is associated with high serotonin levels and other hormones related to well-being. This can make you not feel like compensating for your stress with food, leading to weight gain.

Don’t let your passive routine win out and start moving as soon as you can; a short walk can give you much more pleasure in the long run than wasting money on junk food.

  1. Avoid delivery and start cooking.

Delivery is not only a time-saver but also a way to increase those hours that you remain seated. Although asking for a delivery every so often does not hurt anyone, having the habit of not even cooking at home will have the direct consequence of increasing the size of your belly.

By constantly ordering delivery, you will not even need to move to a store or supermarket to buy food, subtracting more and more movement from your life.

Having the habit of cooking will improve your skills, but knowing what you are eating is the first step to permanently lower your belly.


Sitting in the office is one of the leading causes of being overweight and obese.

Doing 30 minutes of exercise is an excellent strategy to avoid gaining weight if you spend most of the day.

Starting to use a bike, walking during your break time, and avoiding delivery are essential tips to avoid gaining weight if you spend a lot of time sitting.

If the goal is to reduce the percentage of body fat, remember to avoid sugar consumption, and simple carbohydrates are essential.


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