Simple ways to lose weight without counting calories

To lose weight safely and harmlessly, it is necessary to assess our body’s ability to get rid of excess fat. For example, losing 5Kg of weight per month is only possible with a daily deficit of 1500 kcal, which is an extremely dangerous idea from a health point of view.

A safe limit for calorie reduction is 300 kcal per day, which guarantees a loss of 200-250 g of fat per week. (1) Additionally, research suggests that increasing the amount of protein in your diet can help you lose weight more effectively. This article describes 8 ways to lose weight without counting calories.

Simple ways to lose weight without counting calories

The first rule of thumb to lose weight is to make your food consumption conscious. In simple terms, you should always pay attention to what exactly, how and when you eat.

Since 1 g of fat contains 9 kcal, it will take 9 thousand calories to get rid of 1 kg of excess weight, the equivalent of 12-15 hours of physical exercise in intensive mode. However, in terms of calories, it is about 3-4 medium pizzas.

In other words, diet control is significantly more important for weight loss than exercise. As for counting calories , although it is a good way to understand how much you are eating in the first steps to lose weight. It is not the best long-term strategy, as many people tend to get bored and stop paying attention to what they eat.

Here are 6 safe and easy ways to lose weight without counting calories:

1. Eat more protein

Protein foods allow you to better control your appetite . In one study, increasing the proportion of protein in the diet from 15% to 30% allowed subjects to eat almost 450 fewer calories², resulting in an energy deficit without exercise.

2. Eat slower

Another study analyzed how much the speed of food consumption affects weight loss. The first group of people ate 600 kcal in a “normal” mode (on average, 6 minutes), the second group, in 24 minutes. Result: Eating slowly increased satiety and satisfaction by 30-40%.

3. Eat healthier foods: cereals and vegetables

Thinking about how to lose weight quickly by counting calories is not a good idea for nutritionists. Ideally, focus on how to eat well. Your daily diet should consist of a serving of cereals, whole wheat pasta, lean meat, one or two vegetables, a fruit, eggs, a handful of nuts or berries. As far as possible excluding empty calories such as sausages, sweets and cakes.

4. Get sweets out of sight and leave sodas

The calorie content of a typical snack (chips, croutons, chocolate bar) is at least 300 calories . Add 150 calories from a glass of juice or soda and you have 30% of your daily calories. It is much easier to eliminate these foods from your diet than to try to burn fat in the future.

5. Pay attention to glutamate

The flavor enhancer monosodium glutamate is a substance found in natural tomatoes, nuts, and cheese. Adding it to food enhances its meat or mushroom flavor, making it more appetizing and provocative. The danger is that glutamate is often found in prepared spices.

6. Do not eat using the cell phone or the TV

An investigation evaluated the effect of calorie consumption in people who were using an electronic device than those who were not. The first group of 10 people ate food while watching television, while the second group ate 30 minutes with quiet music. The result was a 70% increase in calories.

The difference was also expressed in the mechanics of food: when watching television, people ate faster and for longer. Therefore, to lose weight, it is extremely important to break the habit of ingesting unlimited calories while watching videos.


How to control your appetite?

To lose weight without counting calories, you don’t need to limit yourself to food as much as possible and be hungry. Eating should be enjoyable, there are many tasty and healthy foods that are acceptable (and welcome!) In a healthy diet.

However, to lose weight, you have to start being much more aware of what you eat. Limit simple carbohydrates first , then increase the amount of natural foods with fiber. This will help you better control your appetite and satiety.


If you want to lose weight without counting calories and exercising, you should start practicing mindful eating first. Understanding what foods you eat and how you do it is an easy way to lose weight without exactly counting the calories in your dishes.

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