Benefits of taking marine collagen

Marine Collagen: What is it?

Marine collagen is a dietary supplement made from fish and invertebrate animals such as sponges or jellyfish. In the food industry, up to 75% of the weight of marine animals is discarded. (1) Fish skin, bones, heads, and scales are sections with high concentrations of marine collagen.

From the chemical processing of fish cartilage, it is possible to make high-quality or type 2 marine hydrolyzed collagen supplements. The use of this type of supplement has been confirmed to be effective in treating cases of arthritis, as well as some studies, affirm that one of its benefits is to increase the lubrication of the joints and ligaments. (1) (2)

Benefits of taking marine collagen:

  1. Relieves joint pain
  2. Improve skin health
  3. Prevent bone loss
  4. It May help increase muscle mass
  5. May improve cardiovascular health
  6. Relieves joint pain

The amount of collagen decreases at a rate of 1-2% per year from the age of 25; this is one of the leading causes of osteoarthritis. Research has confirmed that taking marine collagen every day is an effective way to improve joint lubrication and movement. (1) (6)

  1. Improve skin health

Taking marine collagen can significantly reduce dry skin and improve elasticity. There are several studies (1) (2) (5) that have proven the benefits of taking 5 g per day in improving hydration and the health of epithelial tissue.

  1. Prevent bone loss

Taking hydrolyzed marine collagen promotes the synthesis of proteins that help prevent the deterioration of bone mass. Combining collagen with calcium is one of the treatments with the best results in avoiding bone wear. (7)

  1. May help increase muscle mass

Collagen is a protein that is part of muscle fibers. Including marine collagen in the diet can help increase and prevent muscle loss in adulthood. (1)

  1. May improve cardiovascular health

Although there are still more studies to confirm the benefits of marine collagen in improving cardiovascular health, studies suggest that it may effectively prevent arteriosclerosis and other chronic heart diseases.

How to take marine collagen?

It is recommended to take marine collagen in a dose of 10 grams once a day. (5) As for the timing, the ideal is half an hour before each meal on an empty stomach. Lower doses do not guarantee the effectiveness and benefits of taking such a supplement.

Some studies claim that to obtain the benefits of hydrolyzed marine collagen, it is best not to combine it with foods with tryptophan. (1) High supply concentrations of certain types of amino acids can compete with collagen and decrease its absorption.

Contraindications of marine collagen

Marine collagen is considered a safe supplement. To date, no studies have proven serious contraindications to taking this supplement. Isolated cases of particular allergies to fish proteins have been recorded. People allergic to seafood should avoid the use of

What marine collagen supplement to buy?

Marine collagen supplements are made by separating the different parts of the animals, reducing chemical treatments to remove the proteins that are not oleaginous. (1)

Two types of supplements can be distinguished: those made from scales, skin, and bones. And those made from cartilage. The latter are high in type II collagen content. This is the type with the best absorption and benefits as a treatment for arthritis and skin.

Marine collagen is a dietary supplement made from animal derivatives from the sea. The benefits of marine collagen are: alleviating the typical pain of osteoarthritis, improving skin health, and preventing bone loss. In addition, some studies suggest that it may have potential benefits in maintaining muscle mass and improving cardiovascular health. It is recommended to take 5-10 g per day on an empty stomach for six weeks.

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