How to have a good body in adolescence

To have a good body in adolescence, a routine of physical exercises (or with light weights) should be combined with a balanced diet rich in protein.

In addition, at this stage of life sports are an ideal type of training to increase muscle mass and tone the entire body.

To mark abs, you should not only do abdominal exercises, but also reduce sugar consumption and include whole foods and healthy fats: nuts, oats, vegetable oils, among others.

Read on to learn how teens can achieve strong, healthy bodies. How to exercise and what to eat?

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Exercises to have a good body in adolescence

Sports, bodyweight exercises, and abdominal exercises are best for a good teenage body – for both men and women.

In adolescence, exercises with weights and heavy bars should be limited from the routine. Between the ages of 14 and 16, mistakes in this type of exercise can cause the body to develop incorrectly. From 17 years old, some exercises are allowed.

Excess weight in the routine can have negative effects on physical growth . On the contrary, pull-ups and hyperextensions are an example of ideal exercises to improve posture and increase height in young people.

How to have a good body in adolescence:

  • Do a 40-minute exercise routine at least 4 times a week
  • Exercises with body weight or with weights less than 10 Kg
  • Do not eat large amounts of sugar, white flour, sugary soft drinks
  • Eat more cereals: oats, quinoa, buckwheat
  • Protein should be part of all your main meals
  • Swap junk food for nuts and healthy fats

How to eat after the exercise routine?

Having a good body is the result not only of physical exercises but also of complementing them with a correct diet and rest.

diet for teens should include natural, unprocessed foods. The best known examples of foods are fruits, vegetables and cereals. Supplementing with sources of protein and fat is essential to achieve hormonal balance in adolescence.

Whole foods such as oats, buckwheat, amaranth are essential foods in a teen diet. They help build strong and firm muscles as well as strengthen the immune system .

The foods that a teenager should avoid are: fast food, sugary soft drinks, processed meats, sugar, bakery products, sweets, etc. Including fruits and foods that provide vitamins and complex carbohydrates is essential in a diet for an adolescent.

The consumption of sports supplements such as whey protein is allowed from 17-18 years. However, it is important to know that with a balanced diet rich in natural proteins, this is not necessary.


For teens, bodyweight exercises, sports, and light weight routines are ideal for a good body.

Supplementing with an eating plan rich in protein, whole grains and healthy fats is essential to achieve a proportionate and healthy body.

Avoiding excess sugar and refined fats is essential for toning the body. Just as it is important to reduce the consumption of junk foods and ultra-processed foods.

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