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It is a fact that our body is renewing itself; this includes cells. Every ten years, the body generates a new skeleton, every half a year, you change the stomach walls, and every six weeks, all the liver cells have been completely renewed.

Scientists are encouraged to point out that 100% of the body’s cells are replaced in 10 years. (3)

This process can be stimulated by fasting and affects all our body tissues.

What are the effects of fasting on cells?

The essential functions of cells are nutrition, circulation, excretion, reproduction, and relationship with the environment. By cellular nutrition, foods are incorporated that the cell will transform inside to convert them into energy-rich compounds.

An intrinsic mechanism of cells, called autophagy, is essential for the survival of cells and for them to remain healthy.

Autophagy allows cells to fight against adverse situations and eliminate everything that has broken down or no longer serves them, literally eating the accumulated garbage. This cellular cleaning can be similar (saving the distances) to taking your car to the workshop.

In this way, the body gets rid of old and useless proteins and prevents them from accumulating and giving rise to various pathologies.

The problem with this auto repair is that with age, bad life habits, and stress, it can deteriorate and not do its job correctly.

If you still have resistance to this practice, let me tell you that it is science. The Japanese Yoshinori Ohsumi, 71, received the 2016 Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovering the genetic mechanism of autophagy. (5)

Fasting And Back Pain – How Are They Related?

Without considering considerations such as that intermittent Fasting is in fashion, its specific practice generates multiple health benefits.

Fasting intermittently not only has effects on body weight, but when we feel overloaded, or our back hurts, it can be a good resource for our health. (1,2,3)

It is necessary to understand that food activates specific metabolic pathways (linked to physical growth ), while Fasting starts other routes (associated with regeneration).

So we don’t eat? Not at all. Let’s not be extremists.

Food and even more quality food provide us with essential nutrients necessary for health.

On the other hand, Fasting is a vital process of the body, such as sleep. You may have noticed that sleeping with a full stomach is counterproductive for good rest and body repair since a significant amount of energy is used for indigestion.

If you connect the dots, you will realize that not having dinner can be an excellent ally in solving multiple health problems. It’s like telling the body to use its full potential and energy to heal back pain.

Said and done.

In the past, when there were no supermarkets and man was nomadic, fasting periods were widespread. The men of old used to feast on great feasts, knowing that later it would be their turn to fast. This was, unknowingly, their natural medicine against the many diseases that haunted them.

Today with a full pantry and advances in medicine, we have forgotten the importance of intermittent Fasting as a recovery tool. Nowadays, we feast on each other every day, not realizing that from time to time, we must rest.

Benefits of fasting on tissues

Semi-fasting can lengthen your life due to its many benefits. These include improving the immune system, eliminating body fat, eliminating toxins, reducing tissue inflammation and back pain, etc. (1,2,3)

Can you imagine not taking the garbage out of the house for years?

Not only would it smell bad, but we’d get sick. The same goes for our body; it must eliminate accumulated waste from time to time.

Celebrities like Hugh Jackman, Angelina Jolie, and Beyoncé, among others, intermittently practice Fasting. If people with so many means and resources at their fingertips decide to recycle from time to time, it will be for a reason.

It is time to set an action plan. Could you check it out personally? Mark yourself on your calendar a week that you have calmer and start practicing a semi-fast, combining it with a good diet.

There are many fasts, but I advise you to have breakfast and eat healthy (fish, vegetables, fruits, natural juices, etc.) and go to bed early without dinner.

It will only be a week, but soon, you will see the benefits. Do not sin; even if you are hungry, if you said that this week you are going to do something beneficial for yourself and your back pain, don’t do the opposite.

Be true to the plan. Be true to yourself!

I advise you to leave post-it notes or notes at home encouraging you and reminding you why you should do a semi-fast. The reason is none other than to start letting go of the pain.


Make back pain a part of the past

There are tougher fasts, but for now, we are going to start at the first step.

If you are one of those who have guts ringing in bed, get up and drink cleansing infusions or filtered water. You can also choose to delay breakfast.

I don’t know if you knew, but the word breakfast that derives from breakfast is a verb that is formed by the Latin prefix des- that expresses return to a situation, inverse action or “exit from” and the verb to fast, which comes from the verb Latin ieiunare (abstain from eating).

We have forgotten its etymological meaning with time, but breakfast came after abstaining from eating for a prolonged number of hours.

Formerly this custom was respected, and even fasting as a source of health was seen with good eyes. Nowadays, we have dinner each day later and in abundance to reward ourselves for the hard day at work.

What we do not realize is that it is a poorly learned attitude. If you want to recover, it is essential that you eat little and soon, or better yet, that you do not eat and get into bed early.

The next day I am sure that you will feel much better.

Practice it sporadically when you feel bad or when you want to feel BETTER.

When in doubt or negative thoughts assail you, remember that:

“A little effort today will be a great reward tomorrow.” 

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